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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 19, 2021

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Sans Love, a life without love is like ...

Sans Love, a life without love is like …
Cathy Dee

Sans Love III corrected

Last night I was lucky enough to see a preview of Sans Love. A production about the desolate world of heartbreak, Sans Love looks at how society represents and copes with the emotional trauma of falling in and out of love.

Sans Love tells the story of, Mercy, who mends broken hearts by taking away the ability for a person to feel love. Mercy, not only running away from her own fear of love and vulnerability, is surrounded by those who she has taken the ability to love from. These loveless souls seek revenge on Mercy, who they claim took away everything that made their life worth living. Soon the tables are turned and who knows how much longer Mercy will escape love? The production is a warm-hearted, funny, tender and touching tale of the magic and risk involved in romance.

Sans Love is playing at Love Love Studio from the 15th – 18th of May as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival. The Love Love Studio is a great space, situated in a old converted house you walk through a few different rooms decorated with art works for an upcoming exhibition. The Sans Love performance space is at the back of the house. Both ends of the room have cushioned benches and pillows strewn about where the audience is invited to sit. The performance area is in the middle of room, the actors make great use of the space and interact with the audience in many scenes.


If you can, come to see the performance on Friday the 17th as the studio is keeping its doors open for Sans Love Up Late. Come along for a night of free music and shenanigans! From 8:30pm an array of the musical heartbreakers and heartbroken will be playing including Brea and James Robertson, Violet Seas and other acts from the South East Queensland area.

Sans Love was written and directed by Lauren Sherrit, a long time writer but first time director. Jake Shavikin produced Sans Love, his first solo production. So a lot of firsts but you could never tell as the show played out beautifully. Featuring a group of young and talented actors, Sans Love is a must see.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Sans Love production and know you will too. I can guarantee that you will relate to at least one (if not all) of the characters. After all, if anything is constant in this universe it is love and heartbreak.



What? Sans Love

When? Wednesday 15 – Saturday 18 May

Where? Love Love Studio – 27 Florence Street, Teneriffe Brisbane