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Say hello to Pillar

Say hello to Pillar

| On 09, Apr 2016

After cocktail bar Fourth Wall closed its doors last year, central Brisbanites were left with nowhere to go, jumping from bar-to-bar in search of a destination that fit just right. The process of elimination ran very similar to that of Goldilocks…

“This bar is too loud.”

“This line is too long.”

“This drink tastes like gasoline.”

“This bar is just wrong.”

It shouldn’t be so hard, in a constantly growing city, but the problem with losing that bar that was just right for you is that nothing quite matches up. So it goes one fateful night, I was stalking through Brisbane with friends in tow, in search of the next bar that we prayed would fill the hole left by Fourth Wall.

Maybe it was the masochists in us that decided to pass by the graveyard of what had been Fourth Wall, or maybe it was fate. Because as we approached there was no blacked out door, but a light on instead.

In Fourth Wall’s place was now ‘Pillar’, holding with it our hopes and dreams for a new favourite bar. Approaching with childlike optimism and pushing our reservations aside, we stepped into the space, and while everything looked different, behind the bar stood a familiar face.

Like a blond-headed angel, Christopher Pezet was our white knight.

“I opened my own bar!” he said.

And everything was right.


After parting with Fourth Wall in 2015, Christopher was working at Eleven late last year when a friend told him the owner of Fourth Wall was looking to sell, encouraging him to take the opportunity to cross something off of his bucket list and make the transition to bar owner.

“I was about to start a shift when I decided to go for it and sent [the owner] an offer for the bar. Then when I went on break later, I had a message from her waiting saying ‘Done deal, when do you want to get this done?’”

Taking on the bar with his partner, Louis, this is Christopher’s first venture as a business owner.

“My partner and I wanted to do this together. He is a banker and so he takes care of the back-of-house things. With this bar, we want it to be inclusive of everyone. Everyone is welcome here, it doesn’t matter who you are.”

What makes Pillar special is the unique and friendly experience you can expect. From the security at the door, to the people serving your drinks, when you walk into Pillar you immediately feel comfortable.

“While we’re still professional, we are mischievous and like to have a good time and talk shit with our customers. It is about inclusiveness and having fun and chilling out. The last thing you want to do is go to a bar to hang out and you can’t even hear someone, you can’t get served… there’s nothing worse than waiting in one line at the door only to wait in another line at the bar and then to have a bartender who just barks ‘what do you want?’ at you. For a lot of places you find there is no heart or soul there.”


The best part about Pillar? The bartenders know their liquor. The knowledge that Christopher and his fellow bartenders have when it comes to drinks, and their excitement to share that knowledge with the people they serve, is what adds to the Pillar experience as a whole. It’s obvious the person serving you loves what they do, and their genuine enthusiasm is something that translates into their craft.

“You don’t do hospitality for the money or the guts and glory, you do it because you love it and have a passion for it. It really is my first priority to ensure the people that come into my bar have a good experience. If someone has a bad drink I don’t just say ‘Ah that’s too bad’. I say ‘Well what can I do to fix this?’ I’m happy to waste shots of alcohol if it means someone has a better experience. I’d rather they have a good time. It’s two shots of alcohol, which means nothing to me if the person drinking it doesn’t enjoy it.”


With their winter menu being introduced this month, Pillar plans to push the envelope more with their cocktails and experiment with different tastes. For this writer, the hot chai buttered rum is at the top of my list of drinks to try for winter.

So, if you’re looking for a new bar to venture to in Brisbane, Pillar should be your first stop. Providing excellent service from expert bartenders, relaxed vibes and cocktails that will have your taste buds tingling, Pillar is a new, exciting addition to the Brisbane bar scene.

Find Pillar on Facebook as ‘Pillar Bar’.