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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 8, 2021

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Scanography - The Art of Scanning

Matilda Butler

Whoever said the office life was a boring one?  Surely that so-and-so never had a close look at the office scanner. Because if they had, I mean, if they seriously checked that machine out, their mind would have blown up into thousands of pieces.

Scanography is really no joke. In fact, it has been recognised as a form of poignant photography and art. The simplicity of scanography makes it accesible to anyone with a good idea. Even mistakes can look good. Have a look at some examples…

Scanwich - Jon Chonko

Behold, the Scanwich! Created by Jon Chonko, a graphic designer and sandwich enthusiast. Chonko began scanning in 2009 and has since been highly successful on the blogosphere and in the publishing world. Check out his blog,  to look at some more delicious scanwich creations.

Tim FlemingProfessional and acclaimed photographer, Tim Fleming has proven to the world just how legitimate this form of art can be. He uses a high quality scanner to capture his subjects in all their details and subtleties. This work has won numerous awards in the US. Check out some more of his work at

So if you want to create some incredible photography, look no further than your office scanner! (Of course, we recommend using your free-time, not on your boss’ dollar). 

1. Clean the glass paten of the scanner, removing all particles of dust for a clearer image.

2. Now put your creativity to work. Choose what you’ll be capturing and arrange it accordingly. Think subject or collage.

3. By moving an object, you will create a distortion. So have a play with that technique as well.

4. Set the scanner to its highest resolution and remember, the closer the object is to the screen the more detail you will get.

5. Using the scanner in a dark room will create a nice black background. Alternatively, cover the objects with white paper or tissues. Cutting the white from the picture and replacing it with black on Photoshop is also an option.

So get scanning!