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Secrets to a top photo submission [Sartre Magazine]

Secrets to a top photo submission [Sartre Magazine]

| On 03, Feb 2014

‘All the world’s a stage’ is the theme for Sartre Magazine‘s very first photography section.

The task at hand is to interpret that theme in your own quirky way.

Now that may be a little daunting for you photography enthusiasts, but thats why I’m here to lend a hand.

Willzy photography

Willzy photography






First thing that comes to mind is obviously, the most beautiful and scenic places you can think of, which is a really hard task to start with.

Try to think even further outside the box, and really delve into that phrase: ‘All the world’s a stage’.

It could be a political statement you would like to mark on this world, such as global warming, or third world poverty.

Or even a particular focus in your life that expresses your world as a whole.

These kinds of angles are what Sartre Magazine is looking to publish, not only will this benefit the magazine having your brilliant photos on show, but the exposure this magazine will give yourself is ten fold.

Don’t be afraid to use the art of black and white as well to portray your worldly image.


Willzy Photography


As seen in this photo (above) black and white can be used as a platform or stage for your picture.

The black and white really produces the grass roots of the photo, having to be reliant on colour to tell the story for the photograph.

Those finer details that would have been most likely looked over with the presence of colour are now at the forefront of your photograph.

So, there is just two ideas all those budding photographers can use when submitting your photo for Sartre Magazine.

Please be sure to submit photographs by emailing Rafferty Gifford directly at or
Submissions close Friday 7th February.