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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 4, 2020

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Seven Questions with Morning Harvey's Spencer White

Seven Questions with Morning Harvey’s Spencer White

| On 15, May 2015

Feeling down on the ’10 > Quick Question’ format, and Buzzfeed slowly but surely conquering your newsfeed?

Well tough, because Morning Harvey’s mix of brilliantly moody post-psych is a treat for anyone who’s love of The Verve and Richard Ashcroft hasn’t diminished over the ever so slightly underwhelming ‘Forth.’

The refreshing simplicity of the psych-soaked new release from MH however- ‘Smith Street Swap Meet,’ is the newest addition to a range of tracks gaining national and overseas coverage, with a new international manager on the scene for a band who’s variety of musical flavours form songs that reflect on the melancholy of suburban love and love lost, among other things.

TCI: How has being in a band with such a rich history in music from the individual members changed the process of songwriting for MH?

Spencer: I don’t know if it’s changed the process of writing for me but it’s definitely helped in the way of collaborative writing and bouncing off ideas between one another.

TCI: As a pretty young musician, what’s the support been like from the musical community?

Spencer: Brisbane’s very supportive and small. Everyone knows everyone.

TCI: how have you watched the rise in Australian psych-pop in recent years and have you taken anything away in particular from any artists? (..and why)

Spencer: There’s definitely an abundance of “psych” rock, pop or whatever you want to call it in Australia, there’s pretty much a new band popping up everyday.
The only thing I have really noticed is that bands under the “psych” genre itself (especially in Australia) get stuck in some kind of ‘rut’. The music remains very similar, which to me, becomes frustrating. It’s always thrilling to see a band evolve after each release, keeping it exciting.

TCI: Morning Harvey seemed to bounce back into the musical sphere after a couple of years with Girl Euphoria, is there a story behind the return?

Spencer: I don’t think there was really a return as such…. We were still playing shows frequently; it’s probably just that we took a fair time to get our shit together and figure out where we wanted to go.

TCI: Blur or The Verve, and why? If you don’t like either what would you counter with…and why

Spencer: I couldn’t choose to tell you the truth. They’re both incredible bands.

TCI: What does it mean to you to have Rick Chazan on board, and what would you like best from some overseas focus?

Spencer: I guess we have some structure in our “band life” now because of the guy. People tell us he’s the nicest person in the music business.. Probably right. We haven’t seen him lose his marbles yet.
In regards to overseas, anything to give us the chance to take our music over.

TCI: What would you most want thrown at you at a show, and by whom?

Spencer: Nothing! I couldn’t think of anything worse than being taken out by a flying object at a show.

Catch Morning Harvey around.