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Sex, Drugs & Helvetica: A Conference For The Creative Learner

Sex, Drugs & Helvetica: A Conference For The Creative Learner

| On 01, Sep 2014

Ever thought about how you could lead a design project into fruition and wondered how others do it?  Then maybe you need some extra inspiration and tips to make those creative ideas flourish.

Brisbane will be holding another installment of the Sex, Drugs and Helvetica conference, and much to its names dismay, the conference is serious about tackling all those queries that tickle us and begs to ask the big question- how do we make it in the creative business?

Sex, Drugs & Helvetica is not just a one-day conference that will discuss the very challenges facing the creative industry today, it is a priced blogging company that has its eyes on getting designers informed.

With its eye-catching name, the conference will inspire designers to create, imagine but most importantly learn by having access to the knowledge of six internationally-renowned design studios that will take the creative’s through a breakdown of how to make it in the industry.

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Originating in Melbourne, SD&H will be conferencing at QUT’s Garden Theatre on the 19th of September.

An event unique to its industry, SD&H is a company with an exceptionally strong engagement with designers and creatives alike that facilitate communication between industry haves and those who want to have.

Tips, tricks and advice of the trade will be given on the one-day event that will begin at 9.30am and wrap up around 5pm. For those wondering what the event will entail, it is set to inspire designers to do much more than the ordinary, “we aim to empower them, It’s not a design conference it’s a conference for designers, say SD&H.”


Attendees can expect to see parallels drawn between producing a digital project and that of a creative project.  Designing and creating content can reaffirm that many of these skills can spill into different medium projects, but nevertheless knowing the differences between both is proving extremely difficult and challenging, that’s why conferences like such are invaluable to the industry.

This year, the line-up of speakers include: Michael Place the creative director of Build (UK), Chris Doyle the founder and CEO of Christopher Doyle & Co. (SYD), Michaela Webb from Round (MEL), company partners Fabio Ongarato and Ronnen Goren from Fabio Ongarato Design (MEL), Kevin Finn from TheSumOf (BRIS) and finally Tim Buesing from Reactive (SYD).

De-mystifying how creative projects come to the surface is not the only topic for discussion, at the event you will be able to bounce ideas off professional designers, progress your own projects and meet industry minded people.

Being a creative mind is not just about producing content these days, it about working with different mediums and ideas and shaping the face of our very own society.

These challenges are tough for designers who can often get caught up or blocked from producing content.

Sex, Drugs & Helvetica is a conference that may well take you into the creative direction you have been hoping for.

Whether it’s creating a book, creating the architecture for a website, or creating a logo – creativity is a way of thinking, and so much more.

The Details

What: Sex, drugs & Helvetica conference

When:  19 September 9.30-5pm

Where: QUT Gardens Theatre X Block, Gardens Point Brisbane

Cost:  AU $99.00 + booking fee

For more information go to the Sex, Drugs and Helvetica website.