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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 11, 2020

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Silver Exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane

Silver Exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane

| On 09, Oct 2013

Six award-winning couples will use Brisbane as their inspiration for an upcoming photography exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane.

The exhibition, ‘Silver,’ will require the artists to combine their talents and produce a collection of pieces based on Brisbane’s awe-inspiring culture. The pairs are a combination of photographers and artisan jewellers.

The curator, Jacqueline Armistead said, “Silver plays a significant role in the history of both jewellery-making, and photography and film through silver gelatin prints, so it seemed a compelling connection to pair the two art forms together.”

A variety of themes will be evident in the art, including our Indigenous past, history, nature, identity and social traditions.

Director of the Museum of Brisbane, Peter Denham said, “Silver will show audiences our commitment to supporting visual arts in Brisbane, showcasing what a creative city Brisbane is, as well as shedding new light on the historical significance of silver in art forms.”

The cost is free and the event will be running from 15 November 2013 until 27 April 2014.

This leaves plenty of time to go in and see just how inspirational Brisbane can be!