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Sleepy Tea Release New EP

Sleepy Tea Release New EP

| On 14, Nov 2014

Local atmosphere enhancers Sleepy Tea have launched their new EP Specks, featuring an array of characteristically lovely tracks including dreamy single Hold on to Your Breath.

Launched with a free show at The Flying Cock on November 6, Specks showcases Sleepy Tea’s ability to create strikingly simple tracks with unexpected percussive and electronic elements.

Lead number “Hold on to Your Breath” (released as a single in July) is a sweeping melodic treat, as is “Starry Eyes”, both of which feature the pleasing and under-utilised effects of softer percussion elements.

Frontman and founder Tom Wearne’s voice is curiously engaging and of the sort that you could happily listen to for hours on end. It’s undeniably lovely on the record- soaring over airy guitar effects and effortlessly switching between registers- but the band proved at their launch that they’re one whose recorded music simply can’t do atmospheric and audible justice to their live music.


“Waves” has a little more distinct guitar inclusions and is a more upbeat but nonetheless reflective song with a great, imploring crescendo. It seems clear that the individual elements of each track have been carefully and expertly considered- there’s nothing unnecessary and each song on Specks has an overall sense of extremely well planned simplicity and clarity.

“Silver Birds” is stylistically different to the rest of the EP- despite each track being gentle and mellow, “Silver Birds” is the only one that feels sombre- with gentle phases that leave space for Tom’s vocals to shine through, before picking back up into a bigger conclusion, in the style of Brisbane kin Art of Sleeping.

Attendees at the Specks launch were also treated to Sleepy Tea’s surprising and hugely enjoyable cover of “Boy From School” by the UK’s Hot Chip. Showing excellent versatility in terms of style and an ability to make a very different genre’s music their own, their “Boy From School” cover was an unexpected highlight.

Their engaging combination of honest lyrics, expert and unique musicianship and genuine demeanour makes Sleepy Tea one of the Brisbane music scene’s best kept secrets- perhaps not so secret for much longer.

Images courtesy of Sleepy Tea