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Sneeky Picnic: the girls are back

Sneeky Picnic: the girls are back

| On 18, May 2016

It’s been a while since Sneeky Picnic have hit the stage, but the girls are back and ready to party harder than ever to celebrate a whole lot of hard work.

The girls in Sneeky Picnic recently had some downtime when they were able to unwind and inspire themselves back into their groove. It was agreed that a break from Sneeky Picnic was well considered and needed, but would inevitably come to an end as music was their undeniable passion.

“[Being in a band] was something we all enjoyed individually…. And I think it helped, and we all needed a break… [but] I think we just enjoyed it too much to let the opportunity drop,” the girls’ said.

The band agrees that their break from collaborating gave them the chance to listen to different music and evolve individually, and step up as songwriters to amplify what they were able to bring to the table.

Bassist Kathryn Bermingham says “I’ve learnt over the last year to use a lot more technology. We have a really organic sound as a band, where it’s just simple bass, keys and drums, and I’d really like to expand on using technology this year by incorporating synthesisers and vocal samples to give us that edge.”

In saying this, Sneeky Picnic does not lack in the edge department. Although Sneeky Picnic are an all-girl pop band, the girls’ music provides a refreshing and unique twist on regular pop music by incorporating rap verses. Their four track E.P, Dangerous, was released in 2014 and consists of party tracks, such as ‘Hey Mister’, and ‘Ay-Yo’, that have catchy beats and rousing rhymes that’ll definitely have you moving.Sneeky Picnic 1Sneeky Picnic identify themselves as a “new pop/rap” band. The girls describe this as “catchy pop melodies in the hook, and a heavy hip hop influence in the verses, which is followed by instrumental that’s very pop-y, but still has the hip hop sound in the breakdowns.”

The girls want to write music that people can enjoy and essentially get down to.

“A lot of our songs are like ‘let’s have a good time’ – so easy stuff to write… party songs. Other stuff – so when I’m writing my melodies, or when Jess (rap vocals) is writing raps – are more personal, some of them were from our own life experiences at the time, but a lot of them are just fun,” said Erin.

Now that the girls are back, their plans are quite simple; they want to make music, and play music.

“We want to write new music, we’re all pretty excited to write some new material and just keep gigging… I think our favourite part is playing shows – it’s the most rewarding… we enjoy our music, we enjoy playing to people, we enjoy the feedback we get from people, and how they react and feel to our songs and I think that’s all that matters – and that’s the majority, most people love it.”

“We have worked hard to get to where we are… we write good music and we are good musicians and basically that’s what it comes down to. We’d ideally like to release two singles by the end of the year.”

Sneeky Picnic will be making their return to the stage at The Milk Factory on the 21st of May.

The Details
What: Sneeky Picnic’s Comeback Gig
Where: The Milk Factory 18+
When: 21 May, 2016 @ 7.30pm
How Much: $10
More Info:  For more information visit Sneeky Picnic’s Facebook page at

Image credit: Sneeky Picnic and Dean Swindell Film & Photography.