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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 2, 2020

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Social Media is Making Us Superficial

Social Media is Making Us Superficial

| On 29, Nov 2014

People have speculated for years that social media has caused us to lose touch with the people around us, but worse still; it is causing us to obsess over portraying a fabricated version of ourselves, and our lives, to the world. It is not realistic and it is causing unhealthy judgement and comparison amongst our youth.

After quitting social media cold turkey two years ago, I was so relieved that I would no longer be bombarded with duck faces, bikini selfies, “progress pics” and other miscellaneous self-absorbed dribble. Unfortunately, my choice to remove myself from this superficial world of “look how hot I am and how perfect my life is” was ignored by the social media obsessed world around me.

My friends would interrupt me mid-sentence to take a pouty, sultry selfie for Snapchat. I would see couples out at meals completely ignoring each other, engrossed in their iPhones as they scrolled through their Instagram feed.


When did it become socially acceptable to flood the Internet with images of ourselves? It isn’t socially acceptable to verbally state “I look gorgeous today” or “look how hot I look when I make this face” *pouts*; it would be seen as totally narcissistic and conceited. So why then does everyone have his or her own virtual shrine to themselves?

kim k

Never one to care what others think of me, this image obsession has me seriously concerned for society’s future. If you are guilty of the following, please have a good gosh darn look at yourself (on the inside for a change).

nicole t

  1. You refuse to be photographed out with friends or family if you aren’t looking your best, because you just know that image is ending up online. Come on guys, capturing a special memory with your loved ones is more important than looking perfect.
  1. If you are all dolled up for a night out, you would consider it a waste not to take 583 selfies before selecting the perfect shot, and filter, to remind everyone on Facebook and Instagram that you’re attractive. You also ensure to select the one that contains some “accidental” boobage or makes your guns look big.

justin b

  1. You can’t make an expensive designer purchase without posting it for the world to see (and envy). Would you still be happy to spend that $1500 if no one else saw your new Chanel handbag, or is a part of you only buying it to boast that Chanel hashtag?
  1. You can’t go out with your friends without documenting the entire evening to show everyone just how much your life emulates that of the characters on Gossip Girl. Complete with captions such as #blessed, #lovemylife, #bestnightever. Whatever happened to living in the moment and enjoying the company you are with?

cara d

Why are we all trying to outdo each other? What are we trying to prove? Who has more friends, who has a better body, who has the most exciting life? I can tell you from experience just how liberating it is to stop comparing your life to someone else’s, and not depend on the amount of “likes” you receive as validation of your attractiveness.

I challenge you to spend just one weekend without social media, taking in the conversation and experience with no distractions. Convince yourself that you have an awesome life, not everyone else.

Images Credits: Kim Kardashian, Nicole Trunfio, Justin Bieber and Cara Delevingne’s official Instagram pages.