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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | April 15, 2021

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Sometime Sonny's Array Of New Music

Sometime Sonny’s Array Of New Music

| On 28, Nov 2017

Brisbane’s Sometime Sonny just released his debut single, ‘Wasted On Me’, and is gearing up to release his debut album halfway through next year.

With a music video shot with the same vibe, ‘Wasted On Me’ was quickly picked up by Triple J. We spoke to Dave Campbell AKA Sometime Sonny about his debut single, songwriting and his upcoming album.

The Creative Issue: ‘Wasted On Me’ is a really good debut single, how long have you been writing music for?

Dave Campbell: Well I was in a band at school and I was one of the co-writers for that. I’ve probably been writing for five or six years now. But on my own, seriously, probably like two years.

TCI: The single has really raw vocals, why did you choose this one as your debut?

DC: It felt powerful, really honest. It was one that I thought was really special and I connected to. More than the others as well. It wasn’t about trying to gain a million followers or whatever, I just wanted to release a song that was really beautiful and I think I did that.

TCI: The music video also has that raw vibe, what was it like filming that?

DC: Well that was pretty impromptu really. We had a house party and one of my housemates converts VHS to digital and to do that he has to have one of his old cam recorders and we were drinking one afternoon and I asked if I could borrow his cam recorder. So I just walked around and shot the whole party then took things out of it that I wanted. It just kind of came about.


TCI: The single was picked up by Triple J really quickly, how did that feel?

DC: Really good. It was a major goal of mine for a very long time. It was the best thing ever. Yeah, it was awesome.

TCI: I read that you recorded the EP in a concert hall in the middle of the night, how did you set that up?

DC: I’m a teacher now and was studying teaching at the time. I was at UQ and they’ve got this concert hall there. The music students got after hours access so basically we had all the gear and waited out for someone to leave the sliding doors open and then we jumped on in and recorded in the middle of the night. It was such a good experience and we got away with it.

TCI: You’ve talked about how writing songs is like an outlet for you emotionally, has this always been the case?

DC: Yeah, I think so. I think it’s just a way that I get things out. It’s more like a story of my life. Everyone’s always like “what are you writing about?” or “what’s going on here?” or “what’s that song about?” and it’s interesting because it’s all personal and all about my life. They ask “are you going to write a song about me?” and I’m like “I don’t know, do something interesting and I probably will.”

TCI: Do you sit down to write a song or do you wait for inspiration to strike?

DC: I have got into the habit of writing every day. I like to jot down some points of what happened during the day and that’s something that just comes from there. I’ve got a philosophy now that you have to write a couple of bad songs or average songs to get your skills up to write a good one. So I try to write as many as possible.

TCI: Have you got any shows coming up?

DC: I’ve got an album coming out, I’ve finished it. The first single comes out in a week, and then I’ll see how that goes. But I’m mostly waiting to do an album launch in the middle of next year. No live shows too soon but they’re coming.


TCI: How long have you been working on the album?

DC: Probably about a year. I finished the EP about a year ago and then as soon as I did that, I was onto writing. It’s gotten so much better and it’s a big step up.

TCI: Other than the album launch, what have you got planned for next year?

DC: Playing a heap of shows hopefully. Just continually writing and recording.

You can follow Dave here to keep up with his new music.

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