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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 10, 2022

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| On 02, Jul 2016

In life we are told to put our heart and soul into what we love, and in many cases this can also mean what we wear. This week TCI sat down with Kait Brown, the CEO of jewellery brand, Barefoot and Blonde, to talk about the importance of personality, story and soul in the fashion world.

As many designers, stylists and lovers of this industry would know, fashion would be nothing without style. It is not just mere items made up of different materials, it requires something much more.

TCI: When did you discover your love for fashion and how did it influence you to start Barefoot and Blonde?

Kait Brown: When I was a young girl, I remember bedazzling anything I could get my hands on and that ‘trait’ of creativity has always stuck with me. And with this, I always dreamt of building a brand by using an object that could become and mean more than just it’s original purpose. Jewellery works so well as it’s something I’m able to create with my hands, and inject with my heart for a greater purpose.

TCI: When was Barefoot and Blonde created and how has it evolved since then?

KB: The idea of Barefoot and Blonde has been in existence for a very long time but it wasn’t until 2013 that I decided to transform it into a real business. Sitting on the hillside in Lake Louise, Canada, I sat with a pocketful of beads and started to string them together thinking ‘How can I USE this passion and how can I transform it into something more VALUABLE?’ I used to sit on the living room floor (my ‘studio’) with beads, chains and pliers scattered around me.

Since then, I’ve started bringing in other professionals to handle things I simply couldn’t such as branding and website development. In the future I plan to focus solely on growing Barefoot and Blonde as there is so much more in store and I can feel that 2017 will be our year!

The Collection

Barefoot and Blonde Collection

TCI: Who is the person you are creating for?

KB: Soft souls and fiery hearts. The Barefoot and Blonde customer is a healthy creator, dweller, doer and inspirer. They are confident, collected and messy. They are passionate visionaries pushing for growth, change and more heart. Empowered and inspired by cultures and communities around them, they lift others up and ignite passion in people.

TCI: What is your top priority when designing a new item?

KB: I think the world and people in general have too much ‘stuff’ with no heart-value. Funny coming from someone who creates ‘things’ but it’s important that something is worn with a true admiration each time and doesn’t become a dust collector. Pieces that pull memories from the attic of our brains whether happy, sad or anything in between, now that is a successful design.

TCI: Where can we buy these beautiful jewels?

KB: Barefoot and Blonde is currently only available online and at our market stalls around Brisbane and Gold Coast areas (online calendar dates for this are available on the website). We believe in the power of community by choosing to work with like-minded business owners that share a similar vision.

Barefoot and Blonde 1.

Barefoot and Blonde: sweet soul larimar ring

To see more of Barefoot and Blonde, head to their website, Instagram and Facebook page.

Image credit: Kait Brown, Barefoot and Blonde