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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 26, 2020

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Spacey Jane On Their Dazzling Debut

Spacey Jane On Their Dazzling Debut
Victoria Jenkins

We spoke with Fremantle’s favourite four-piece following the release of their long awaited debut album Sunlight.

A album that Spacey Jane themselves refer to as a twelve track ode to love, mental health and relationships, the debut full length release has captured the last rays of summer sun and brought them into winter to keep us warm.

Featuring singles ‘Good Grief’, ‘Head Cold’, ‘Skin’, ‘Good For You’ and ‘Straightfaced’ alongside seven other gems, Sunlight promises to become a favourite of fans and critics alike.

The Creative Issue: Congratulations on the release of ‘Sunlight’! How does it feel to have released your debut album?

Kieran Lama: Thanks!!! It feels pretty great, we’ve been waiting for it to be out for a long time now, so definitely a lot of excitement about!

TCI: You have been releasing music since 2017, how difficult was it to decide what songs
would make it onto your debut album?

KL: It was surprisingly not that hard, we ended up basically agreeing on all the choices pretty much
straight away. There are a few tracks that didn’t make the cut but we’ll end up using them
somehow, I’m sure!

TCI: The response to the album so far has been huge! It feels like everyone is talking
about it and you were Triple J’s feature album last week. We understand the album was
recorded at Blackbird Studios by Dave Parkin, what was that experience like?

KL: Recording with Parko is the best, we’re actually back in the studio with him right now! Writing
this from his couch. He’s a super lovely guy and he really helps us put things together in ways
that make sense. The last 20% of a song always ends up coming from the studio and it’s been
great learning the best ways to make use of the space, figuring out how things work in terms of
getting to new sounds and all that good stuff.

TCI: How do you feel your sound, and the band as a whole, has evolved since your first
single release?

KL: I think we’ve all become much more familiar with the process of recording, and the different
ways to get certain sounds. At first we sort of had no idea what we were doing or what was
possible in a studio environment, we’d just jump in, smash out a few takes & call it a day. Now
we have more ideas for what we want out of our instruments, tonally and sonically, and it’s a bit
more of an involved process – which makes it even more rewarding! I think we’ve started
experimenting a bit more with wackier sounds, synths and all that jazz!



TCI: Mental health is a prominent lyrical theme on the record. How do you try to take care
of your mental health as a band?

KL: Our habits ebb and flow, especially over the last few months (COVID and all). Generally could
recommend a healthy sleep schedule of seven to eight hours a night and some kind of exercise I guess? I’ve found the busier I am the happier I am so that’s sort of my go to right now! I love emails!!!

TCI: What music have Spacey Jane been listening to lately?

KL: Heaps!!! Been bumping the new Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Crowded House, EGOISM, Sampa the Great and plenty more! We’re actually taking over Spotify’s Listen Local playlist with a bunch of songs we like so you can check that out.

TCI: If you could put together a dream line up for a show, including bands from the past
and present, who would you include?

KL: Crowded House, Blondie and AC/DC

TCI: It must feel a little weird releasing music right now. What did you do to
celebrate the release?

KL: It definitely feels a bit weird but also pretty special in many ways! We just really overdid it on
the release weekend. Plenty of champagne. Caleb’s dad got us a bunch of purple and yellow
balloons and let us have a bunch of mates over at his place. Was the first time we’d seen
some of them since lock down so it was a real moment for us, now that things feel like they’re
going back to normal over here!

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