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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 26, 2021

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| On 08, May 2016

Oh love, the one thing that can either elevate us or destroy us. The one thing that can unite us or separate us. As well as the one thing that can make us extremely envious or simply repulsed. It is universal, timeless and without boundaries or limitations.

For the past three weeks Brisbane audiences have been treated to an array of cultures, locations, time periods and most importantly – stories, as part of the 2016 Spanish Film Festival. ‘Short Films from the Heart’ comprises eight shorts films from Spain and one from Mexico showcasing a spectrum of romance and heartbreak in a modern age. Ranging from three to nineteen minutes, each film offers glimpses into the many facets of love: be it first love, awakened love or even lost love.


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Presented as a filmic exhibition than a continuous stream of short fiction segments in the vain of other collection films such as ‘Paris Je T’aime’ (2006), ‘New York, I Love You’ (2008) and even the guilty-pleasure mainstream film ‘Valentine’s Day’ (2010); ‘Short Films from the Heart’ gave Brisbane audiences a taste of independent cinema from this region. Resultantly, it showcased the beauty, pace and conventions of high impact that are a catalyst for emotional responses in the nature of short storytelling. Telling a story without words, only through visuals makes the audience think. Then there is the frustration of the cliffhanger before realisation hits.

‘Short Films from the Heart’ delivered an unique and different experience from traditional feature length productions and the style will only appeal to some. However it really captured the spirit and idea of a ‘festival’ as a country’s ‘filmic catalogue’.

Each director brought us various tales of playground love, fast food love, forbidden love, familial love and heartbreak, which gave audiences a viewing platform to reflect on all the contemporary complexities that plague a historic concept. Obstacles such as societal pressures, mental health, seduction, and values such as self-awareness and trust were explored with each film depicting a love forever fleeting; caused either by betrayal or death or simply growing up.


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The full the list of the short films presented is:

Love Is More Than I Can Handle – Director, Javier Giner
Fast Food Romance – Director, Alberto Arellano
The Carpathians – Director, Daniel Remón
I Do Well To Remember – Director, César Roldán
Merry Christmas – Director, Héctor Rull
On The Rooftop – Director, Damiá Serra Cauchetiez
Party Of Two – Director, Eugenia Llaguno
Flash – Director, Alberto Ruiz Rojo
Thursday – Director, Pedro del Rio

Image Credits: Spanish Film Festival, Pedro del Rio, Damiá Serra Cauchetiez,