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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | February 23, 2020

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Spring fashion inspiration

Spring fashion inspiration
Alice White

So, spring is finally here and that only means one thing, spring fashion. Oh and the other things like warmer weather, magpie season… if we’re only naming a few… That means it’s time to pack away the puffer jackets and bring back the flowy clothes that you haven’t seen in a while. Don’t fret, we have all the tools you need to figure out the perfect outfits for this spring, all the way to the sunglasses!

Garments: Top: Spell and The Gypsy Collective, Sunglasses: LMNT (via Vision Direct),  Skirt: Verge Girl, Shoes: Adidas

The first outfit that is perfect for spring is a beautiful, bright ensemble. You can’t do spring without a splash of Spell in your wardrobe. The brand sports beautiful floral garments that would make your current wardrobe green with envy. This top paired with a gorgeous khaki skirt and white sneakers, well you can’t go wrong. Now, many think that sunglasses are merely for protecting your eyes (which is of course very true), but this doesn’t mean they cant be a fashion statement! Why not enhance this look with a pair of stylish cat eye sunglasses?

Garments: Dress: Princess Polly, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (via Vision Direct), Shoes: Windsor Smith

This second outfit still keeps on trend with a very ‘spring’ vibe but has a twist. A bright, flowing dress is essential during the spring season. There’s nothing like the feeling of walking down the street on a warm, breezy day and looking very on point. Paired with these chunky sneakers (Don’t forget the socks!), you’ll look like you just walked off the plane from Los Angeles. All you need to do is grab yourself a pair of iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses and you are ready to go.


Garments: Top: Zulu and Zephyr, Sunglasses: Vogue Eyewear by Gigi (via Vision Direct),  Shorts: Zulu and Zephyr, Shoes: Birkenstock

One of my personal favourite looks, includes a clean, cool casual look (you can’t go wrong with Zulu and Zephyr in your wardrobe). This light coloured look is perfect for spring, and you can even wear it all the way through to summer if you please! This beautiful cotton shirt is drool worthy and you’ll be sure to get lots of compliments. This tucked into a pair of boyfriend shorts, what more could you ask for?! Just slip on a pair of Birkenstocks (A staple shoe) and you’re ready to go (almost). These sunglasses are a personal favourite of mine and can go perfectly with any look! but hey, if these aren’t your cup of tea you can find plenty of more at Vision Direct (where I found all of these heavenly glasses from).

All of this outfit inspiration should help you figure out your perfect spring look. Good Luck and happy shopping!