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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 14, 2019

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Trend: Print Clashing

Spring/ Summer 2015 Trend: Print Clashing

| On 28, Oct 2014

Lucky for you print clashing is back on the fashion radar, just in time for Summer. Print clashing makes your own wardrobe feel new by allowing numerous fresh combinations of old pieces.

Always popular with the street stylers print clashing hit the runway again at the most recent Spring/ Summer fashion weeks. Stella McCartney showed whimsical frocks with an artful combination of prints at Paris Fashion Week ,while House of Holland rolled back the clock with 70s inspired print clashes at Fashion Week in London. Arguably, print clashing is at its best organically appearing on the sweethearts of street style; so below is a plethora of street-style, print clashing perfection and our tips for nailing your next mismatched look.


Keep it Tonal: Choosing prints which stay in a family of colours, or a select palette, is a recipe for success. This applies to complimentary colours as well, and forget the old ‘blue and green should never be seen’.

Stripes Always Work: Stripes are an easy entry way into print clashing. Black, white, navy and grey, thick or slim; stripes clash beautifully with most prints.

Pick a Print: Choose one print or pattern and play with the size. Clashing matching prints in varying sizes and colours will get you the street style tick of approval.

Avoid Matchy- Matchy: Suppress the need to tie your outfit together by other matching components, i.e matching shoes with a bag and coat. This takes away from the unconventional allure of print clashing.

Accessories: The easiest way to print clash is to let your accessories clash with a piece of clothing. Think a leather print bag, spotted socks, bejewelled sunglasses, detailed belt or playful shoes.

Texture Counts: Don’t be fooled into thinking that texture doesn’t count as a print. Own a speckled sweater, brocade trousers or embroidered blouse? When clashed appropriately texture and print has the same effect as print and print.

Over-Clashing: To avoid looking like you tried too hard keep the number of prints low go for two or three. Any more and you run the risk of looking peculiar and missing the sartorial mark.


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Images via Pintrest