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Spuntino's Italian donuts

Spuntino’s Italian donuts

| On 04, Nov 2015

Have a sweet tooth? You need to try Spuntino’s famous Italian donuts. They may sound like a pack full of calories, but everyone deserves a cheat day!

Spuntino cafe in Pacific Epping has a wide range of tasty foods, but the Italian donuts made by chef Angelo Mainy, will have you take a second look and a sneaky taste.
“I love to cook and always look at making something that will have customers wanting. That’s my Italian donuts,” says Mainy.


On Mondays and Tuesdays, Mainy starts off his morning early making the fresh donuts that stay warm and soft- only for them to sell out within an hour of the cafe opening. For months the donuts have been hits  for Spuntino, watering the mouths of each passerby as they sit on the counter by the coffee machine.
“We get extra busy in the mornings I work because all they want are the donuts. I make so many and before I know it they are finished, ” says Mainy.

These finger licking delights are eaten in all kinds of way. Whether warm or cold, plain or with a bit of jam, they have customers back for more. For $3.90 you can get your hands onto this ring of love, and before you know it you’ll be a Spuntino regular.


“My favourite way to eat them is with a coffee and to spread some Nutella in it- that’s the best thing about these donuts, there’s so many way you can eat them,” Mainy explained.
Whenever you feel like nibbling and your stomach growls for something sweet, don’t fight it! Go and try one (or even two) of Spuntino’s famous Italian donuts.



What: Donuts at Spuntino Cafe
Shop 12, 571-583 High Street, Epping