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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 20, 2022

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Starting your creative project, with Lauren Adorni-Braccesi

Starting your creative project, with Lauren Adorni-Braccesi

| On 20, May 2020

Still thinking about starting that creative project? There is no time like the present. And Lauren Adorni-Braccesi spoke with us about the organic and fun process of starting her creative project, Lauren Makes.

As a Paediatric Doctor, Lauren Adorni-Braccesi is by any definition, a busy woman. And after working as a doctor for 11 years, there was a little nudge for Lauren to start a creative project.

Lauren Makes is a collection of Watercolour Calligraphy Notes. Constructed using paintbrush and watercolour ink, her repertoire consists of brush lettering and modern calligraphy.

The project unfolded unexpectedly. “About 4 or 5 years ago, while I was doing my specialist training exams, and I was feeling a bit over it, just busy at work and starting studying again. I was looking for a present for a friend and that led me down a rabbit hole of what was out there.”

“I always wanted to do something creative again. You know, at school I loved doing arty things, but because I wanted to do medicine, I stopped that side and using that side of my brain to focus more on the sciences,” said Lauren.

“So I was looking for this present for someone and saw heaps of other people doing cool things. I signed up for online courses, but I never have time to do them. So mostly I’ve just kind of figured it out myself and practiced. I practice a lot and it’s been my kind of art therapy.”

Knowing there is no time like the present, Lauren simply got started. “I thought, there’s all these other people doing it, I’m going to have a crack at it.”

As Lauren Makes continues to evolve, its progression is organic. In the future Lauren will open an online store, but currently her project has blossomed to place orders through instagram.

With a list in her notes where she jots down positive words and phrases, or some of her favourite lyrics, Lauren’s cards are an undeniable ode to looking on the bright side of life.

“Well at the moment, during this pandemic, I’ve been doing post card giveaways, where people can comment and win a post card. You know I love a bit of snail mail. It is always nice when the post man comes with something else other than a bill.”

“If they follow me on IG, I hope the bright colourful words will give someone a sparkle to their day. I am obsessed with colour. And I love what water colour does and how they blend and mix. And I hope they can bring some happiness to other people’s days.”

The natural evolution of Lauren’s creative project is a reminder to allow the idea, to just get started, and to let the project to continue to grow and flow. So if you have that little nudge to get started on your project, but have been waiting for a sign, this one is it.

What Lauren Makes
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