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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 19, 2020

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Staying warm while looking good!

Tiernan Silcock
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What I wear inherently affects my mood and attitude for the day. While I try to dress practically for any given day’s activities, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes I just want to look feminine in a dress, or be comfortable in jeans, world be damned. As you all will have noticed, much to my dismay, winter is definitely here. While I want to look good, my main priority is staying as warm as I can. The best part about this is layers. Somehow, layers always seem to sass up an outfit. Here are my top winter items for staying warm while looking good!

Winter Fashion Tip 1#

Leggings…an item with the potential to go either hideously wrong, or turn out totally right. Both stylish and comfortable, you must only keep in mind the concept that leggings are not pants and there really is no way to fail. Paired with oversized tops and baggy cardigans, tights are a winter must have and there is no lack of different versions and styles out there at an affordable price!



Winter Fashion Tip 2#

Accessorise! With winter colour palettes being majority monochrome, this is the perfect opportunity to add a bit of colour and stand out from the crowd. And there is no better way to keep your noggin warm then to top it with a hat or beanie, or keep your neck snug with a scarf…


Winter Fashion Tip 3#

Lets not forget one of the most fun ways to add some style to your winter get up…your feet! Grab your warmest and toastiest socks and add some fab BOOTS.


Winter Fashion Tip 4#

There is no need to shiver in the name of fashion. All you need is a super stylish jacket teamed with some layers to create a snug as a bug look that still retains your personal style. I love textured, extra-large, embellished, patterned…pretty much any style available. Not only does the wearing of jackets automatically make me feel as though my life has some semblance of security and order, but it keeps me warm. Win win.


When it comes to dressing for the cold, bundle up and layer on. It’s easy to keep looking stylish and be comfortable at the same time!