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Steel Panther: Down Under Tour

Steel Panther: Down Under Tour

| On 11, Oct 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, metal royalty has returned.

Steel Panther is gracing our stages this December on their Spreading The Disease Down Under Tour.

For the uninitiated, Steel Panther is a wild mix of vulgarity, melody, 80’s glam rock and black leather. Imagine Chris Angel, Skid Row and the writer of a Harold & Kumar movie made a love child.

Welcome to the sheer magnificence of Steel Panther.

I first discovered Steel Panther at Soundwave in 2012. Unassuming and completely innocent of any prior knowledge about the band, I rocked up to witness the single, most confusing performance I have ever experienced.

First of all, in my lifetime, guys in bands do not dress like that. Four men came onstage wearing all matter of lycra, leather and glitter. Throwing up fists and stalking into the place, the crowd went mad. With hair more beautiful than any girl, I watched as these men gyrated, thrusted and bathed in the attention of the masses.

Secondly, the sound these guys make epitomise hair metal. If there was a How-To-Guide on rocking it glam-metal style, these guys edited it.

I couldn’t even tell you the notes they hit. The band got into it fast and hard with more fire, glitter and screaming than anyone would have thought possible. Everyone ate it up and cried for more.

Thirdly, the lyrics…

Part of me would like to put the lyrics to songs such as Death To All But Metal, Asian Hooker or Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’, on this article to better enlighten you.

However, doing that would mark my place in hell, so if I could make a recommendation, it would be that you employ your 21st century know-how and Google them.

You will not be disappointed. You may be entirely disgusted. We’ll see.

And finally, the women. For a band that by all logical understandings should be totally rejected, Steel Panther pulls in the crowd and fires them up something chronic.

With a hand on my heart, I solemnly swear I have never seen so many women express their appreciation with flesh. Left, right and centre. And if you don’t know what I mean by that, then I would suggest you attend their next gig.

Interviewed by Christina from SF Media, the guys talk tours, prep and beautiful women.

Set to shred on Friday 6th December at the Riverstage, the STD Down Under Tour is going to be unforgettable.

With special guests Buckcherry, tickets have already been released and can be bought online at