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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 21, 2021

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Stellie: 'How Do We Look So Good?'

Stellie: ‘How Do We Look So Good?’
Victoria Jenkins

Adelaide indie-pop artist Stellie has just released her stunning new track ‘How Do We Look So Good?’. We caught up with Stellie to chat new music, recording and her favourite local artists.

Last year saw her take the massive step from bedroom artist to showcasing at BIGSOUND. And if this month’s news is anything to go by Stellie is looking for even more from 2020. So far March has seen her sign an artist management deal with UNIFIED, play a killer show at WOMADelaide, and hit full rotation on Triple J with her latest release.

The Creative Issue: Congratulations on the release of ‘How Do We Look So Good?’! What’s the story behind the song?

Stellie: The song can really be interpreted one of two ways. The initial interpretation could be the narcissistic and literal thinking of ‘How Do We Look So Good?’, which I actually kind of love a lot, but if i’m being honest it hasn’t really got anything to do with what the song is about. The real message behind the song is experiencing that guilty feeling for not feeling guilty at all – and the realisation that living your life to the fullest, may include leaving some people in the haze. So the line ‘How do we look so good from so far away?” Really translates to – ‘how can we make this relationship work from a distance?”

TCI: The track was produced by Joel Quartermain and Edwin White, was this your first time working together?

S: Yes it was! And i’m certain that it won’t be the last. Working with Edwin and Joel was a dream. They really understood my vision but at the same time really tested my boundaries – which I think is super important when you’re writing. Not only that, but we had a heap of fun too.

TCI: You’ve been playing some amazing shows. How was WOMADelaide?

S: WOMADelaide was incredible! Arguably, I think it’s my favourite show I have played so far. It truly was a magical night. The crowd were so fully in the moment and it was really beautiful to see. It was actually my first time ever attending the festival too – I can see now why it’s one of Adelaide’s favourites.



TCI: You recently played Mountain Goat Valley Crawl and you showcased at BIGSOUND last year. What’s your favourite thing about playing in Brisbane?

S: In a weird way, Brisbane kind of reminds me of Adelaide, so playing there just feels nice and familiar. The music lovers over there are just really open to discovering new music so the crowd is always fully engaged and everyone always seems to be having a good time.

TCI: What’s a song you can’t stop listening to right now?

S: ‘Teenage Fantasy’ – Jorja Smith

TCI: When you’re not busy writing amazing music what do you like to do?

S: Usually when i’m not writing music – i’m listening to it. I honestly can’t escape it, but I really don’t want to. I don’t really have any other interesting hobbies. In my spare time, I usually try and hang out with my friends, go on really long walks and just generally try and relax. I think all musicians can relate when I say that our job is very emotionally draining at times, so sometimes it’s just best to completely switch off your mind and chill for a bit when you get the chance.

TCI: Your home town of Adelaide has a strong and unique music scene. What are some of your favourite Adelaide artists/bands?

S: There are seriously too many to name – the music scene in Adelaide is pretty much like a little family. Everyone is just really lovely and supportive. Some of my faves at the moment would have to be East Av3 – who are absolutely killing it, The Montreals, Dress Code, Lonelyspeck, Towns and so so many more.

TCI: How’s the rest of 2020 shaping up for you?

S: 2020 is looking to be pretty busy! I have a LOT more music to share that I have been sitting on for a while – maybe even a possible EP in the works too. But honestly, all I want to do is keep writing music and playing shows – if I can make this happen I will be one happy girl.

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