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Streaming’s A Scream: Shudder Launches In Australia

Streaming’s A Scream: Shudder Launches In Australia

| On 19, Aug 2020

Horror streaming service Shudder has finally brought its terrifying catalogue to Australian screens.

As I sit in the darkness of my room, listening to a true-crime podcast and surrounded by my small collection of skulls I think, I really need more macabre things in my life. Luckily for me, and the horde of horror fans eagerly awaiting its arrival, Shudder crept into Australia on the 6th of August.

For the low price of $6.99 a month (it should have been $6.66 a month if you ask me), Australians can have access to the best curation of horror, thriller, and supernatural movies and series.

If you’re sick of browsing Netflix’s small selection of horror movies or perusing Stan’s slightly larger pick of terror titles, $6.99 isn’t much for all the horror you want, whenever you want.

Afterall, Shudder has everything a scare-lover could wish for: cult classics, modern masterpieces, and a chilling collection of exclusive originals.

It was more than well-received in its origin country of America. In fact, the reception was so warm that Aussie horror fans have been chomping at the bit to try out the scary streaming service. If you have a computer and web browser, you’ll be able to sign up for endless creepy content, with accessibility for other devices coming in the near future.

If you’ve been closely following Shudder’s launch since 2015, looking up its library while you impatiently wait for its Aussie appearance, be aware that what’s available in the US won’t necessarily be available in Australia. Just like fellow streaming services and lesser horror curators Stan and Netflix, content libraries will differ from country to country.

It’s only three months until Halloween. If you’re dedicated, you’ll be able to brush up on the periphery horror classics on Shudder before October the 31st. You might even discover a new hair-raising horror go-to.

Images Credit: MovieStillsDB