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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 29, 2021

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Streetwear: The New High Fashion?

Streetwear: The New High Fashion?

| On 22, Jun 2018

5 years ago no one whould have batted an eye at someone suggesting that streetwear would be the new designer fashion. Now, in 2018, streetwear brands have taken over the fashion market and show no signs of backing down.

Streetwear culture has become a massive movement over the past few years with huge stores like Culture Kings becoming increasingly popular. More specifically brands such as Champion, Supreme and Obey have skyrocketed to streetwear fame and have paved the way for other major brands to come out of the woodwork.


Virgil Abloh, now Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton menswear, is the founder of Off-White which is one of the leading brands in high fashion streetwear. Off-White is a brand that sells unique streetwear pieces which sell for hundreds of dollars, the retail price for a shirt is around $400. Virgil is now in the of designing a limited shoe collection with Nike which are called “The 10”. These shoes sell out as soon as they’re released and resold for thousands of dollars.

Photograph: Cameron Oates

Collaborations have been huge for streetwear brands in the past few years with brands now collaborating with designer fashion houses. The recent collaboration with Supreme and Louis Vuitton was groundbreaking and sold out everywhere when it first launched, original retail prices for garments tripled and items became extremely hard to get your hands on. Other high fashion brands such as Balenciaga have also drawn inspiration from this new trend as seen with the release of their sneaker collection and garments.

While streetwear will never truly take the number one spot off high fashion brands, streetwear brands have made an impressive impact on the fashion industry and modern fashion trends. At this stage it looks like streetwear is here to stay and will continue to influence today’s trends and the fashion market itself.