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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 24, 2021

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Student Theatre Fast Coming to La Boite

Student Theatre Fast Coming to La Boite

heroimageThe time has finally arrived! After months of anticipation, students from across Australia will soon arrive in Brisbane to celebrate their love of theatre at FAST 2013. You too can join in! Head over to La Boite between the 30th of May and the 1st of June to see the Geoffrey Rush-s of the future tread the boards.

I caught up with the festival’s director, Nuala Furtado, to find out more.

Creative Drinks: What productions can audiences expect to see at FAST 2013?

Furtado: The FAST 2013 has works from Flinders University in Adelaide, Sydney University, Bond University from the Gold Coast and of course the Brisbane works from QUT, Griffith and Southbank Institute of Tafe.

Creative Drinks: Why those particular plays? What was it that caught the attention of the selection committee?

Furtado: Having a representation from universities across Australia is really important for the festival, both to it’s scope of program, but also for the students to mingle and network with throughout the week; the artists are peers that will inevitably cross paths in the future, FAST has the wonderful ability to be the puzzle piece which connects these young creative minds together.

Creative Drinks: What sort of experience do the students have in theatre before coming to FAST?

Furtado: FAST is often the first experience of having a show programmed in a festival program. For this reason it is a unique experience. We challenge our artists to present confident and strong works to a professional standard from the presentation, down to the show hero image and the text they provide to be included in the program.

Creative Drinks: What else will the students be doing while at La Boîte?

Furtado: The FAST bar will be back for the second year. It creates a vibrant atmosphere where the young artists feel comfortable mingling together and with industry. Also, Workshops are back with two sessions; the first is on Friday 31st with David Walters who will be looking at Lighting Design with a Sustainable Approach. David designed the lighting for Water Wars by Elaine Achworth which focused heavily on sustainability in theatre, the second is by Dead Puppet Society Artistic Director, David Morton who will scratch the surface on puppetry and give an introduction into object manipulation.

Creative Drinks: What do the students seem to take away from their FAST experience?

Furtado: I think FAST offer students an insight into the lives and creative minds of their peers. It allows them to feel as though their creative efforts and endeavours are valued and mirrored on a national level. What we do at FAST is for them, to offer them a festival experience and hopefully drive them to drive head first into the industry better equipped with the tools they need to secure seasons at theatre companies and festivals across Australia.

Creative Drinks: For you personally, what do you expect to be the highlight of the festival? What are you looking forward to?

Furtado: It’s difficult to pinpoint one stand out. You’ll have to come along and form your own opinions.

Creative Drinks: What feedback do you get from audiences? How do they respond to the productions?

Furtado: It is interesting to see the reactions from audiences. The quality of work that has been presented at FAST over it’s four years has been incredible and uncharacteristic of the negative connotation that comes with the idea of “Student Theatre”. I like to think that FAST allows students to shock audiences with confident, strong theatre.

Creative Drinks: Why is it important that we support Australian student theatre?

Furtado: Many artists can trace their passion for their practice back to their student days. I think involvement in FAST can spark this passion for our young artists and provide a solid building block from which to enter the industry. Through FAST, industry get a sneak peek at the ideas, talent and standard of work being developed in our universities.


What? Festival of Australian Student Theatre (FAST)

When? 3oth – 1st June 2013

Where? La Boite Theatre, Kelvin Grove

Tickets? Available from the FAST website.