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Sweat Proof Beauty Hacks To Survive Summer

Sweat Proof Beauty Hacks To Survive Summer

| On 18, Jan 2015

Summer is upon us! As the heat increases and the summer days drift by, it is time to change up our beauty and makeup routines to withstand the changing temperatures.

Follow these quick, simple and easy beauty hacks to keep your makeup looking its best throughout the day.


Preparation is key to keeping your makeup look staying on all day and not dripping down your neck. A silicon based primer is ideal for all day wear. Silicon based products do not mix and blend with sweat or water and therefore prevent makeup from losing adherence to the skin.

Finishing spray

A setting spray is an ideal summer beauty product that will assist in creaming every day sweat proof makeup looks. Setting sprays can add a dewy finish to the skin while also locking makeup in. Try our favourites, Model in a Bottle and Skindinvia.



Setting powder

Once you have applied your long wear foundation, it is essential that it is set into place and not leaving a sticky residue. A light, translucent setting powder will set foundation and concealer without leaving your skin feeling cakey and does not proved extra coverage or color to the skin. A matte face over a dewy face is ideal for long term foundation wear.


Water proof products

Water proof products as the name details, does not come off with the interaction with water. These products are ideal for beach days or pool parties. Water proof mascara and eyeliner should be reached for when temperatures rise and makeup needs all day wear.

Cream products

Powder products, such as powder eye shadows, bronzers and blushes tend to fade streak and become cakey when in contact with moisture such as oil and sweat . cream products are easier to apply and blend and also generally provide a more opaque color payoff. They have stronger wear power and appear more natural.



Blotting paper

Whether your taking a journey to the beach or planning to be enjoying the summer rays, blotting paper is ideal. Blotting paper are a quick and easy tool that your can slip in your purse to dispense any excess oil and sweat that develops through out the day. Blotting paper removes the unnecessary oil and moisture without removing any makeup.



Use a dense flat top brush

By applying your makeup with a dense flat top brush your not only more likely to get a flawless and even makeup application but it will press the makeup firmly into position on your face. A dense brush will keep makeup looking fresher for longer.




Lip liner

If you need to wear lipstick or any lip product at all, lip preparation is key. Scrub and moisturize your lips before applying any color to it , this will prepare your lips for long wear lip color. Color and line your lips with a darker or similar color lip liner as a base color for the lipstick. A filled in lip with lip liner creates a longer wearing lipstick.


Image Credits: Flickr