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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 1, 2021

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Sweater Curse Headline Brisbane's Best New Venue

Sweater Curse Headline Brisbane’s Best New Venue
Michael Hannay

On Saturday night Sweater Curse headlined Brisbane’s best new venue, and here’s what went down.

Brisbane’s newest venue The Outpost is situated up a long sloping laneway and several flights of stairs on Warner St – a rapidly growing community of bars, venues and delicious food (if you don’t already know about Trash Taco… now you do, see you there). Saturday night represented just the third show held at the venue and capped off an opening week already populated by bands like Major Leagues and Osaka Punch. 

Kicking off proceedings were the relatively new Brisbane band Sycco. The full-band realisation of producer and songwriter Sasha McLeod’s work that she half-jokingly self-describes as ‘redefining the meaning of groove’, the band’s wild energy was the ideal start to the night. The crowd filed in and soon an expansive dance floor began, Sycco’s music providing an ethereal and otherworldly soundtrack. The band was followed by Felivand, who offered a slightly more down-tempo dance party ahead of the release of their new single ‘Waitin’ For You’ and their tour supporting Golden Vessel.

Saturday night represented RAT!Hammock’s first time in Brisbane in 2019 – and it was an extremely welcome return. Kicking off their set with much-loved jangle-pop single ‘Power’, the previously two-thirds-full Outpost immediately felt at capacity, with a palpable air of excitement.

The band played several new and unreleased songs, including ‘Pickup’, which singer Jackson Phelan assured the audience would be out soon. The band’s absolute bounty of new material, including this year’s single ‘Ghost’ seems to indicate a longer-form release is on the way – whether that’s a debut album or a follow-up EP to Pam remains to be seen. The band made another announcement mid-set, that this would be their bassist’s last show as he moves focus to the excellent and experimental Obscura Hail.

Closing on the trifecta of ‘June’, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Blood to Bruise’, RAT!Hammock left the stage on an excellent note, proclaiming their love for Brisbane.

Sweater Curse have had a massive year so far and that’s only set to continue – the band is going out on tour with WAAX across Australia later this month, with dates in all major cities. The set they played on Saturday night represents the beginning of a real new era for the band – more than half of it was new and unreleased songs.

The highlight of the night came towards the end of Sweater Curse’s set – RAT!Hammock joined them on stage for an impassioned cover of the most Brisbane possible song – Powderfinger‘s classic ‘My Happiness’ – before segueing into their most popular song, last year’s powerful single ‘Can’t See You Anymore’. The show was a genuinely perfect way to cap off the opening weekend of Brisbane’s newest venue and has all but confirmed that The Outpost will be the premier small-cap room in the city going forward.

Sweater Curse

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