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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 20, 2021

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Sweater Curse On 'All The Same'

Sweater Curse On ‘All The Same’
Victoria Jenkins

Brisbane darlings Sweater Curse caught up with TCI to reflect on their new release ‘All The Same’, their influences, their favourite gear and their future plans.

The past couple of years have seen Sweater Curse feature on the lineup of Australia’s best music festivals and support national legends The Jungle Giants, Grinspoon, Violent Soho and Middle Kids just to name a few. Now, with the release of their sophomore EP just around the corner, they have given fans second sneak peak at what’s to come with latest single ‘All The Same’.

The Creative Issue: Congratulations on the new release! We’ve heard you refer to ‘All The Same’ as being about “nothing and everything”. Can you explain the story behind the lyrics?

Chris Langenberg: Thank you! We wrote ‘All The Same’ so quickly and we’d finished the song before even really thinking about the lyrics. Looking back on it, for the verses I wanted the listener to visualise what I was thinking about in my head. I was picturing myself at a gloomy house party with cold rainy weather so everyone has to be inside, and not really wanting to be there but not being able to go anywhere else. I guess the song as a whole is about that feeling where you are stuck in a social routine and want to go see your friends but also realising that each weekend you keep doing the exact same thing over and over.

TCI: Where did the idea for the song begin? Do you each write separately and bring ideas to one another or do you tend to jam things out?

CL: Last year we went out to our friend’s farm for a couple of days with the sole intention to just write new music and ‘All The Same’ was one of the songs we came out with! The writing process for this song in particular was so quick, I remember we had been working on another song for hours and we were about to go to lunch and have a break but just as we started packing up I came up with the verse riff and had a plan for the whole song in ten minutes. We played it together a couple of times to refine parts and then we had a whole song in an hour, it was wild!

TCI: It feels like ‘All The Same’ has a slightly different edge to it. Have your influences changed over the years or are your faves still your faves?

CL: For me personally, my influences are still the same as they were at the start but have definitely changed slightly with the newer bands I listen to now. Bands like IDLES and Fontaines DC definitely dominate my current playlists and I think that has been slowly coming out of our newer songs. Sonically, this song in particular is definitely influenced by those post-punk bands. But I guess it still doesn’t stray too far from my original influences I’ve listed in the past like Interpol, Modern Baseball, The National, etc. etc. etc.

TCI: You worked with Sam Cromack for both ‘All The Same’ and ‘Close’ which was released back in May. You’re both part of the Brisbane scene, did you know each other before you worked together?

CL: We actually went to the same university as Sam! Even though we were a couple of years apart, Monica and I met Sam when he came back to be a mentor for one of the subjects we had. However, it wasn’t until last year when we played a couple of shows with Ball Park Music that we got closer. I have loved Ball Park for so long and it was so much fun being able to play the shows with them and such an honour to be able to work with Sam on the new EP!

TCI: Speaking of the local scene, who are some of your favourite Brisbane artists right now?

CL: Concrete Surfers, Melaleuca, Dopamine, Pink Matter, First Beige, Hollie Harrison, Isaac Rogers, Felivand, the list could go on forever! Brisbane is the greatest city.



TCI: We’ve all missed live music so much throughout this pandemic, and even though things are a long way from normal right now, you still managed to play a packed out show at The Triffid to celebrate the release of ‘All The Same’. How was the show?

CL: It was incredible! We feel so lucky to have been able to make that happen. We played a show in the beer garden a couple of weeks earlier which was pretty nerve-wracking as the first show back and different format but the last show was moved inside and it was so much fun! It was incredible to see how people have reacted to the new singles and to meet a bunch of people after the show. We wish we could have toured the latest singles but a hometown show is always special and at the moment we will take what we can get!

TCI: Sweater Curse have certainly carved out their own “sound”. You always sound incredible whether it’s live or in the studio. Is there any particular piece of gear you couldn’t live without?

CL: For me, I think my guitar is a big part of my sound. I predominately use a Squier J-Mascis Jazzmaster and I think the hot pickups contributes so much to my guitar sound. That and my El Capistan Tape Delay pedal are big ones I would struggle without. Also I think Mon’s bass pedal combo of a Boss Chorus and Tym Big Mudd fuzz is super important for our sound!

TCI: ‘All The Same’ is the second taste of an EP scheduled for 25 September. What can you tell us about your soon to be released sophomore EP?

CL: On the next EP I sing a couple more songs than on the first one and I guess the songs that haven’t been released yet are pretty self-reflective and were written when I was struggling with some mental-health fogginess. We have been playing the songs live for a couple of years and the first song on the EP almost made it on to See You but we had to stop playing it for a while because it made me too upset. I’m glad we waited because all of the songs have been refined and fine-tuned over the years of playing it live and now the lyrics are more reflective and not so much how I am feeling about myself anymore. Lyrically, it is a very honest and emotional EP and musically I think it is a much more refined sound from us. We have gotten better at playing together and writing together since we have been doing it for a couple of years and I think you can hear the maturity and growth we have gone through together.

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