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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 6, 2020

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Patyegarang By Bangarra; Breathtaking As Always

August 19, 2014 |

Colonial settlement, first contact, and the exchange of culture knowledge are all retold in the new dance theatre production Patyegarang by Bangarra.
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The Arts at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2014

August 18, 2014 |

The 2014 Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers is expected to be a vibrant and delightful celebration for locals and visitors.

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Five Favourites From RAW:Allure

August 16, 2014 |

With a mission to inspire and promote local creators, RAW:Allure was a vibrant, varied evening. Read More

Queensland Ballet Flourish Review

August 12, 2014 |

During the opening night of Flourish, the Queensland Ballet captivated audiences with a sensational sequence of classical, neoclassical and contemporary performances that elicited romance, rapture and incredible energy.

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Interview with David Hallberg from American Ballet Theatre

August 11, 2014 |

The American Ballet Theatre will be coming to Australia for the first time to enchant audiences with thirteen breathtaking performances over an exclusive Brisbane season from August to September.

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Paul Malek Brings Underground Dance Extravaganza To Brisbane

August 4, 2014 |

Being heralded as nothing we’ve ever seen before, So You Think You Can Dance choreographer, independent dance producer and innovative entrepreneur Paul Malek’s dance production Underground is coming to Brisbane.

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Love, Obsession and Tragedy in Art: The Perfect Story

July 28, 2014 |

Obsession, love, tragedy and the aim for perfection are brought to centre stage in Natalie Weir’s adaption of Hans Christen Anderson’s fairytale The Red Shoes, performed by Expressions Dance Company. Read More

Let Loose With ‘No Lights No Lycra’

July 27, 2014 |

No Lights No Lycra is a global dance movement straight out of Melbourne. The aim is to provide a drug and alcohol free environment for anybody to come and dance.

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Wayne Brady at QPAC

July 17, 2014 |

International variety performer, Wayne Brady, made his way to Brisbane for one show only ‘Wayne Brady – It’s My Line’ at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) last weekend.

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Romeo & Juliet Breaks Box Office Records At Queensland Ballet

July 15, 2014 |

The Queensland Ballet and guest dancers broke a 54-year box office record for this year’s production of Romeo & Juliet.

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Romeo & Juliet – A Beautiful Tragedy

July 4, 2014 |

Sometime between 1591 and 1595, the great English Poet William Shakespeare gave the world a heartbreaking love story to remember – Romeo & Juliet.

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Rhonda Burchmore: Vinyl Viagra

May 26, 2014 |

The Powerhouse will host another cabaret spectacular: Rhonda Burchmore and her Vinyl Viagra show.

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SOLO – An Enticing Festival of Dance

May 21, 2014 |

Brisbane’s opening night of SOLO Festival of Dance was a contemporary, unique and poetic series of performances.

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Why Everyone Secretly Loves Miley

May 8, 2014 |

If you don’t know Miley Cyrus you definitely have been living under a rock.

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