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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 24, 2020

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Making magic with Matt

December 2, 2018 |

How does it feel to be lied to? To be deceived? How does it feel when the liar, tells you in no uncertain terms, that they are lying, do you trust them? Do you let them inspire you?

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Dishonestly Sincerely Honest: Matt Tarrant

November 8, 2018 |

Sleight of hand and magical head games will blow audience’s minds in Matt Tarrant’s Honestly Dishonest, as his magic moves arrive at Wonderland Festival.

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A HORRORfying End To BrisFest

October 1, 2018 |

What do you love about the good old horror genre? Is it the spine-tingling sensation that you get when faced with the opening strains of the soundtrack’s soft strings, pervading your very core? Read More

A fairy tale we all recall: Cinderella

September 11, 2018 |

Queensland Ballet’s production of Ben Stevenson’s Cinderella is an enchanting, evocative, and humorous rendition of the well-known fairy tale. Read More

Interview: Scotch and Soda’s Chelsea McGuffin

November 5, 2015 |

Company 2’s International sensation Scotch & Soda returns to the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts this November! The Creative Issue caught up with co-founder Chelsea McGuffin to chat about this exciting show.

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A Wicked Slice of Pumpkin Pie – The Magic Hour

June 2, 2014 |

Directed by Chris Bendall, The Queensland Theatre Company’s The Magic Hour explored a dark and sometimes comic twist on fairytales.

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The weird and wonderful Raymond Crowe returns with new tricks

May 9, 2014 |

Last Wednesday evening I met a man who was full of beans. He matched his top hat with a grey suit that had purple lining and wore a bigger smile than anybody in the room.

Unusualist Raymond Crowe mesmerised an … Read More

One man’s strange and wonderful world – The Unusualist Raymond Crowe

January 25, 2014 |

The animated and delightfully strange, Unusualist Raymond Crowe, from The Illusionists 2.0, is a born legend in the mysterious realm of magic and artistry.

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The Illusionists 2.0: Profound artistry and nail biting anticipation

January 22, 2014 |

The Illusionists 2.0 has brought the future generation of magic to life with a highly energetic performance. The grand illusion is so brilliant, words cannot compare.

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