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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 7, 2021

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Australian perspective: Jennifer Peedom and “Sherpa”

April 11, 2016 |

“What draws anyone to the mountains? It’s a sense of majesty, and it kind of relieves you from the stress of modern day existence – it’s like a reset button for me”

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Writing the Laws, an Interview with Benjamin Law

March 5, 2016 |

No matter how things change, no matter how old we get, our families will always be there. Mostly they will annoy us… but they will forever love us unconditionally.

The Creative Issue caught up with TV screenwriter, journalist and author Benjamin Law to chat about his experience when adapting his bestselling memoir ‘The Family Law’ for Australian television screens.

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Jack Irish – Back for More

February 18, 2016 |

Noir with an Aussie accent.

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More than an Exposition of Hangovers with Kacie Anning

January 19, 2016 |

We had a chat with creator, director and writer Kacie Anning about the web-series ‘Fragments of Friday’, her experience making it and why now is such an important time for female creatives.

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Screen Australia Look At The Big Picture As They Cut $5 Million To Their Programs

August 6, 2014 |

Screen Australia the publicly-funded agency that supports our television and film industry has announced the first of its $5 million dollars in savings following May’s hefty $38 million dollar federal budget cuts to the industry in the next four years.

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