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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | February 20, 2020

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Chester Street Kitchen Desserts

May 10, 2014 |

The drool worthy Newstead joint has a new late night dessert menu and we made it our duty to taste it all, someone had to do it!

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Toro Bravo

May 10, 2014 |

I find menus tough work. Food is such an important aspect of my life and I love so many flavours that having to choose one main from a list of 6+ can be very hard for me! #firstworldproblems Read More

Review: Denim Co

April 26, 2014 |

After a luxurious walk around Kangaroo Point and Southbank on a glorious Saturday, my friend and I were in search of the perfect place to brunch.

Amongst the chaos of the impending royal visit, we stumbled upon Denim Co, a … Read More

Breakfast at Gerard’s Bistro

April 26, 2014 |

Gerard’s Bistro on James Street is well known for its evening atmosphere, however it looks just as good when the sun is up.

Open for weekend breakfasts, Gerard’s steers clear from the usual morning affair. I am a bacon fiend … Read More

All day breakfast at The Ponycat Cafe

April 26, 2014 |

I am by no means a morning person. Conversation is wasted on me before my morning coffee with the majority of my answers being restricted to one word.

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Anzac biscuit cupcakes

April 19, 2014 |

Coconut, oats and golden syrup is a marriage made in biscuit heaven and we have the wives and sweethearts of brave men to thank for it.

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Strauss cafe

April 19, 2014 |

Hankering for a good cuppa in the cbd? Head down to the rather charmingly tucked away Strauss Cafe.

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Eat Street Markets

April 19, 2014 |

The Eat Street Markets at Hamilton Wharf provide a fresh, new and exciting venue for street food that delivers on every level of taste.

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Queensland Wine Week

March 30, 2014 |

Craving for a glass of good tipple? Well you are in luck. The second annual Queensland Wine Week begins Monday.

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Chilli Cook Off

March 21, 2014 |

Looking for something to do this weekend? Head on over to Paddington for The Kettle & Tin’s second annual chilli cook off.

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Review: Stokehouse

March 18, 2014 |

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself so take a walk down the river to the gorgeously stylish Stokehouse and your stomach and heart will thank you for it.

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Healthy Ice cream

March 16, 2014 |

Vegan, lactose free, gluten free and sugar free indulgence! I’ve got a healthy take on your favourite summer comfort food.

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Banoffee Pie

March 14, 2014 |

Let us rewind to a psychedelic decade where hippies roamed the streets and outrageous foods were invented; cue the deliciously sweet, often controversial 1970s banoffee pie.

Caramel, bananas and cream, get me a fork and I’ll be first to that … Read More

Dinner at Au Cirque

February 25, 2014 |

The hippest city in Australia is well becoming a foodie’s paradise and Au Cirque in New Farm has long been a breakfast favourite but what of the rest of the day?

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