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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 19, 2021

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Takeaway gets real at Homeslice Kitchen

Takeaway gets real at Homeslice Kitchen

| On 23, Mar 2016

Tucked away in the suburbs of Brisbane, Homeslice Kitchen has been nourishing the empty stomachs of busy locals with their healthy range of homemade takeaway options that even your Nan would be proud of.

In between juggling work and study as well as an active social life, some days can get so hectic you barely have time to eat, let alone channel your inner Masterchef in the kitchen. But instead of picking up takeaway on your way home from work, consider popping into Homeslice instead.

With a store in Bulimba and now Newmarket, Homeslice offer ravenous customers a huge variety of freshly made salads, home-style ready-to-cook meals and sweet treats all designed to chow down on at home. Head-honchos, husband and wife Dee and Chris, who both come from hospitality backgrounds, decided to turn their culinary talents to making meals for time-poor locals.


“We were running a cafe for twelve years in Paddington, which was when we started thinking about the concept. Lots of customers would ask for things of his that he made, like lasagna and salads, for takeaway. We always thought it [Homeslice] would be the sort of thing where you get the sort of food you would make at home, or the sort of food your parents would make, rather than takeaway. We were looking for something that was a healthy alternative to what was available, that was convenient and thoughtfully produced,” says Dee.

The family-owned business, also run by Dee’s brother and father, takes pride in providing their customers with the highest quality meals possible. You won’t find any gravy powder or stock mix here – the team make every single component from scratch, from roasting all of their own nuts to brewing meat stocks and gravy and making salad dressings fresh everyday.


“I’ve been brought up to consider food from a really old-fashioned and sensible perspective and it’s more about making everything from scratch. In the cupcakes I make, there are only two cups of sugar and good New Zealand butter and lovely almond meal and fresh fruit to flavour it. I don’t think you should use preservatives – if something can sit on the shelf of a supermarket for six months, I don’t think your body has much chance of breaking it down and I think that’s probably the thing that concerns me most,” she says.

Patrons can fill up on Homeslice favourites like beef lasagna, slow roasted pork shoulder with herbed chats or the famous ‘Poppy Spicks’ curry with lots of vegetables and cream. A wide range of salads are also on offer and include a unique range of produce, changing seasonally. Mixed grains, rocket, herbs, pomegranate roasted beetroot and goats cheese or Texas style coleslaw with cabbage, kale, carrot, coriander, corn and tangy lemon Dijon dressing are just some of the options on offer. You won’t miss out on dessert either, with a range of raw, gluten, dairy and sugar-free slices and tarts available, as well as a selection of gluten-free cupcakes.


Dee says her love and passion for good quality food can be traced back to her family roots.

“Everything we do is always about what we’re eating and who’s bringing what. My aunt makes her pavlova and dad might make his curry and my great aunt Nancy makes an awesome pastry. Even from an early age, I can remember being excited about family events because people would be bringing their special dishes,” she says.

“My dad’s always run catering businesses, so the smell of a cold room is really familiar”!

With a third store on the way, Dee says they’re excited about growing the business but is mindful of the challenges it can present.

“At the moment we’re managing Newmarket and our first store at Bulimba well and we have faith that we’ll be able to do a third, so we’ll continue to see what we can manage without compromising the quality or completely losing our quality of life. We’re just growing organically as we cope.”

For more information, check out their website or visit their Facebook page.

Where: 45 Godwin Street, Bulimba and Shop 102/400 Newmarket Road, Reading Centre Newmarket.

When: 10.30am – 6.30pm (Monday to Friday), 10am – 5pm (Saturday) and 10.30am – 6pm (Sunday)

Image credit: Dee Harris