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A taste of Vietnam: Café Ó-Mai

A taste of Vietnam: Café Ó-Mai

| On 27, Mar 2016

If you’ve never heard of Café Ó-Mai, then you’re in for a treat (literally!), because it’s about to become your new favourite spot.Having recently returned from Vietnam, where I inevitably fell in love with Vietnamese culture and food, I was extremely motivated to find somewhere in Brisbane that resembled the lifestyle and food that I enjoyed so much over there.

And I found it hidden away in the streets of Annerley, amongst the hustle and bustle of Ipswich Road. Café Ó-Mai is a family owned restaurant that provides a fresh, unique taste of Vietnamese cuisine, at more than affordable prices.

22Over the last few years, Café Ó-Mai has flourished; the original location has been renovated and expanded to cater to a larger crowd, while the interior has been transformed into a unique and cosy setting for a quick – or relaxed – bite.

From hot soups to refreshing noodle salads, Café Ó-Mai has you covered – their menu consists of your usual Vietnamese favourites; pho, vietnamese coffee, banh mi, and rice paper rolls, but the breakfast menu, a fusion of Vietnamese flavours and breakfast classics is where the menu really shines.

A menu standout is the vermicelli noodle salad- The vermicelli noodles are combined with fresh salad, fish sauce and your topping of choice. I highly recommend trying the ‘bit of everything’ option, as this gives you the chance to taste their spring rolls, succulent beef wrapped in betal leaf, and tender chargrilled chicken.

banhmiCafé Ó-Mai works toward giving patrons a real taste of Vietnam, where it’s all about the fast and reliable service; but they also have a desire to change the standard of breakfast meals to reflect Vietnamese culture. In Vietnam, people eat noodles in the morning, and Café Ó-Mai want to give us the opportunity to be eating Pho at 8.30am.

It’s clear that the restaurant’s success comes from the brilliant service that they provide, and is also evident in their family-orientated nature and combined love for good food, which is demonstrated through the delicious meals that they provide their patrons.

Image credit: Café Ó-Mai website.