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Tastebox – your dinner sorted!

Tastebox – your dinner sorted!

| On 15, Aug 2015

Brown paper packages tied up in string are definitely one of my favourite things. A beautiful box delivered to my door packed full of fresh produce and simple recipes is Christmas come early.

Tastebox is the new kid on the block helping the time poor create gorgeous dinners without compromising. Founder Josh Dawson and Molly Stanfield* are two bright and savvy, health conscious friends from Brisbane’s south side. Since launching last October, Tastebox has delivered over 465 boxes to over 40 suburbs across Brisbane.

“We believe it is vital to feed your household a healthy, home cooked meal every night but we also understand that most people dislike the task of planning a recipe, shopping for the ingredients and food prep. We wanted to create a product that does the hard work for you so more people can enjoy cooking again in the most fun and economical way possible,” says Molly.

Josh and Molly are passionate about food and eating but aren’t all that great at cooking and so Tastebox was born. After talking with parents and friends they realised people don’t only struggle to cook but most also hated the stress and planning that was associated with dinner time.

Chicken breast with green beans and salsa

Chicken breast with green beans and salsa

Tastebox delivers fresh ingredients and chef-designed recipes that take no more than 40 minutes to finish. The ingredients come already portioned in exact quantities and customers are able to create an inspiring dish without the stress factor. This isn’t Masterchef pressure test kind of cooking, this is relaxing, easy and delicious tasting cooking.

Tastebox has a strong local focus and only sources ingredients from Brisbane based suppliers. Your fresh ingredients are packed and delivered to your door on Mondays with a nice text message and email to tell you it has arrived!

Head Chef Tyson Christie and Nutritionist Kate Lister assure every recipe is tasty, easy to cook and nutritionally rich. Tyson originally trained in France, has worked with some of the best in the business. Based out of UQ, Kate assures every meal’s macro-nutrient content is high and supports a healthy balanced diet.

You can opt for 3 or 5 meals a week for 2, 4 or 6 people. And there is a vegetarian Tastebox option as well! The average cost per person per meal is $9.95 including delivery.

Sticky pork spare ribs with red cabbage salad

Sticky pork spare ribs with red cabbage salad

I opted for the 3 meals for 2 people and it was a treat! The easy to follow recipes also come with nutritional content and an eye catching image, which for me is key to a good recipe – I want to see what the end product should look like. The chicken breast with green beans and a simple salsa was not only blind-foldingly easy but absolutely delicious. I always overcook chicken breast – but if you follow the recipe times it turns out perfectly.

Similarly, the stick pork ribs with a refreshing red cabbage and apple slaw made for a wonderful mid week dinner. The third meal of a quick beef stir-fry packed full of fresh vegetables and raisins and a side of rice made me feel all good inside! And although the meals are made for 2, there was always leftovers. Packed lunch for me!!! #winning!

Convenient, cost-effective, nutritious, rewarding (especially if cooking isn’t your strong point) and delicious! It’s ticks all the boxes. Place your subscription now!

With great products like Tastebox there is no excuse for not cooking!

For more info visit the website at

*Molly no longer works for Tastebox