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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 21, 2019

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The Amity Affliction at Riverstage

The Amity Affliction at Riverstage

| On 27, Oct 2013

There is something to be said about reminiscing, and The Amity Affliction’s Brothers in Arms tour took me straight back.

Donning black jeans and leather boots I hit up my old stomping ground and caught some of the greats Amity are so well known for.

Known for their fast pace and high vocals, their sound is unmistakable.

Hundreds gathered at Riverstage to revel in Amity’s newer sounds in their latest album Chasing Ghosts, as well as the good old stuff we all know and love from Youngbloods and Severed Ties.

Absolutely killing it alongside Chelsea Grin, Stick to Your Guns and In Hearts Wake, the boys pumped up the crowd with drums that beat across your chest with enough force that it was impossible to not feel the euphoria and sheer power that comes from knowing an Amity song to your core.

As Chasing Ghosts played out across the crowd, beats like fingers drummed rapidly across my ribcage.

The Amity Affliction at the Riverstage in Brisbane Oct 18th

Image by Nikki

If you looked around at any concert you would see the stories each person has written to themselves within it.

The guy who had torn his shirt off and violently thrown his limbs had a different story to the young girl with the anger in her eyes and white knuckles.

The two friends arm in arm shouting the lyrics with big ‘remember when we got drunk and listened to this’ grins didn’t share the same story as the woman with tattoos like lace who whispered the lyrics as if to herself.

Yet everyone had found a place for the song in their hearts and their heads, and the beauty of a gig like this one is when so many different people can come together and appreciate what music like Amity’s can do to you.

If you’re unacquainted with The Amity Affliction and want to understand what the hell I’m going on about have a look at Open Letter.

Imagine it live – as an Encore.