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The Bagel Boys

The Bagel Boys

| On 19, Oct 2014

It can be surprisingly hard to find a simple, affordable, takeaway lunch in Brisbane city. Sure, sushi is delicious, but sometimes we want something a little less healthy.

And yet, deep fried goods get passé very quickly. Potato gems are meant for football games, not a Friday lunch. Having a bloated stomach that continues into our Friday night out is not ideal.

A Friday lunch calls for something a little naughty, yet refreshing, that we can either savour or chow down on with reckless abandon.


This has ben presented to us in the form of The Bagel Boys.

Never particularly one for bagels, I have been converted with the delicious products produced in this stall.

With a variety of bagel flavours including plain, garlic, sesame or poppy seed, and dessert options including blueberry or cinnamon and raisins, The Bagel Boys have something for every palette. There’s even a gluten-free bagel for those poor coeliac souls who still want to enjoy this delicious lunch.

Bagel toppings are either a simple ‘schmear’ or more elaborate fillings.

The two filled bagels I ordered recently were prepared quickly on bagels rolled and boiled in the traditional fashion earlier that morning.


It was impossible not to order the smoked salmon classic on a plain bagel. Tasmanian salmon was piled lovingly onto a bagel schmeared with cream cheese. A smoked salmon bagel is incomplete without capers and lemon, which were both supplied by The Bagel Boys alongside rocket, onion and black pepper.

The other bagel ordered was the B.R.A.T. a classic mix of bacon, rocket, avocado, tomato and aioli on an onion bagel. There was seriously nothing to be a brat about with this bagel. The servings of crunchy bacon and ripe, smooth avocado were generous and with aioli oozing throughout, the bagel avoided dryness and was happily devoured.


This lunch was surprisingly filling and left my belly quite content to continue work throughout the afternoon. With the freshest of fresh ingredients and the best bagel I’ve enjoyed in Brisbane, this is a lunch that could quite easily become a Friday staple.


The Details

Who: The Bagel Boys

Where: 126 Adelaide St

When: Mon-Sat 6.30am-6pm


Image Credits:

Cover photo sourced from The Bagel Boys

All other images taken by Creative Drinks

Review Overview



With freshly boiled and baked bagels and delicious fillings, there is something for everyone at The Bagel Boys.