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The Brunch Diaries: Pillar of Salt, Richmond

The Brunch Diaries: Pillar of Salt, Richmond

| On 20, Feb 2015

After a few weeks of not brunching, it was time to get myself back in the game. Naturally, I decided on checking out one of the most popular brunch spots in Richmond, indicated by the large groups of young professionals draped in yoga gear who form queues outside: Pillar of Salt. 

Pillar of Salt is a modern yet homely café baring walls of exposed brick juxtaposed to the opposing sides of clean white tiles, which have been written on to inform patrons of the coffee blends of the day. Although the space inside is minimal, there is a substantial patio around the back fitted with a canopy to keep customers dining regardless of the four seasons a day that Melbourne experiences. The highlight of the space for me has to be the glowing neon sign reading “I’d rather live full than diet hungry”, a comical and far too relevant quote for the foodies like myself.


Pillar of Salt neon sign


Some might say that the joy of brunching is having the option of breakfast or lunch, while I more frequently find it to be a burden. When the menu for lunch sounds as appealing as the breaky portion, as it does in Pillar of Salt, it leaves one with a tough decision to make. I was struggling whether to order the Mango Lassi Bircher with Spiced Poached Pear and Toasted Pistachio Crumbs or the wholesome California Superfood Salad. While my boyfriend was keen on the 15th Century Cilbir Eggs, I went with my second thought and ordered the salad. Sadly, I feel as though I made the wrong choice.The Superfood Salad with Kale and Tri-Colour Quinoa ($15.50) promised a variety of delicious flavours such as goji berries, charred corn, salted ricotta, and a lime and jalapeño vinaigrette yet I found the salad to be quite dull when I began to eat it. The corn was hardly charred and I felt as though all these beautiful sounding ingredients got lost within the powerful taste of raw kale. My boyfriend’s 15th Century Cilbir Eggs however, has to be one of the best brunch dishes I’ve ever tasted. The dish contains Poached Eggs, Roasted Garlic and Herb Labne (yogurt) topped with Spiced Burnt Butter and Toasted Turkish Bread ($15.50). The dish also comes with Sujuk Sausage if you so please, which added a saltiness to the dish that worked fantastically with the yogurt and butter mixture. The burnt butter mixed with the yogurt was the perfect balance of flavours and there was a hefty portion of bread to dip in. This dish is a must-try.


Pillar of Salt Eggs Dish

Pillar of Salt is a great place to dine with friends on the patio or to take a client out for a local Five Senses Coffee. The service wasn’t particularly quick, although it was friendly. I would be happy to return to Pillar of Salt for a second round of 15th Century Eggs and to give their muesli a go. Also- their muffins on display looked killer and I was a little bit regretful that I did not leave with one on my way out. Next time!



What Pillar of Salt

Where 541 Church Street, Richmond

More Information Head to their official website