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The Coffee Break: Nineteen Squares

The Coffee Break: Nineteen Squares

| On 14, Apr 2015

Hidden at the very end of Acland Street, Nineteen Squares is more than you might expect…

The Coffee Break: Nineteen Squares


Housed in a heritage-listed building, Nineteen Squares is a cozy cafe decorated with Moroccan tables, inverted milk crates and with hundreds of antique spoons hung on the wall, making the place delightfully vintage.

The cafe also features a large terrace with wooden tables, ideal to sit and enjoy a delicious cappuccino during the summer months and sip a long black when the space is heated during winter.

The Coffee Break: Nineteen Squares

Supplied by the “Coffee Supreme Organic”, Nineteen Squares offers wonderful coffees made with fair-trade beans. The blend is rich, has a great dimension and be served either with or without milk. The barista excels in the coffee art as your cappuccino is customised with fern and heart shapes.

Although the space may be small, the cafe also provides great dishes for both breakfast and lunch. For breakfast you can try the delicious sourdough toast with salmon, feta, avocado, poached eggs or the ham, sundried tomatoes, cheese, basil on toast.

The Coffee Break: Nineteen Squares


Half way between the St Kilda Botanical Garden and the Marina, Nineteen Squares is surrounded by antique shops where time seems to stand still. With its peaceful atmosphere and its remarkable products, this cafe should be your next coffee break.


What: Nineteen Squares Cafe

Where: 31 Blessington Street, St Kilda

Images by Charlotte Robert