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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 16, 2020

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The Comfiest Trends This Winter

The Comfiest Trends This Winter

| On 09, Jul 2014

So it’s 14 degrees celsius outside and all you can think about is pressing snooze on the alarm.

The last thing you want to do is get out of your cozy winter jammies and into some sort of restrictive clothing that barely provides any warmth. Lucky for you, fashion has decided to be a bit nice to us this winter. No longer are we expected to grin and bear the cold. Say hello to cozy fashion that will make you excited to jump out of bed and start the day! Here are my top 5 favourite comfy fashion trends this winter:

1. Birkenstocks

Once relegated to old people, some bright young spark cottoned onto how deliciously comfy these sandals were and decided it was time to make orthopaedics fashionable. Birkies are made in Germany and are handcrafted to last at least a couple of years. Their comfort factor is beyond any other shoe and they can been worn in almost every season! If you can’t bear to wear sandals in winter, try pairing them with thick cable knit socks for a totally ‘normcore’ look. You can buy Birkenstocks here!









2. Quilted Sweaters

The quilted sweater scene was borne from the ‘sports luxe’ trend. You can wear this versatile piece to bed because that’s how cozy they are! Buy one in grey marl, charcoal or white and pair with your Birkies for an on trend look. Similarly, look for one in Neoprene to wear through winter and into Spring. Layer a collared shirt underneath for a look that’s more office appropriate.





mum made it quilted sweatshirt_2

3. Skinny Tracksuit Pants

My personal favourite is definitely the skinny tracksuit trend. The day I decided it was ok to wear tracksuit pants to work was life changing. The key to making this look polished and not hobo-ish is to keep everything else chic. Pair your skinny trackies with sleek boots or ballet flats and a nice crisp shirt and jacket.



how to wear sweatpants fashion trend



4. Sneakers

‘Sneans’ (i.e sneakers and jeans) was originally the biggest fashion faux-pas known to mankind. Somehow, it has become a trend that I’m more than happy to bow down to. Keep your sneakers colourful and clean and pair only with the skinniest of denim to avoid looking like a 40 year old dad.





YSL shoes, skinny jeans, hat, american apparel, paris fashion week



5. Oversized Cable Knit Jumpers

Warning: Proceed with caution. This is a very tricky trend! Oversized sweaters can be picked up from any op shop for about 2 bucks and are guaranteed to keep you toasty and warm as a cinnamon bun. If this trend is done wrong, you may end up looking like a crack addict or a tragic 80’s cat lady. Pair your oversized knits with skinny denim and heeled boots so the look is still modern.










So rug up because being cozy is on trend this winter!


Images sourced from Tumblr.