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The Essentials For A Night Out

The Essentials For A Night Out

| On 01, Nov 2014

The nights are heating up, which means the weather is perfect to hit the town and have a great night out. So here are a few essentials you will need for a night out in Brisbane!

1. Cash

Make sure to get cash out from your bank or ATM before you head out as most clubs charge a cover fee and don’t usually have EFTPOS machines accessible from outside. Also, avoid those hefty surcharge fees from independent ATM’s or taxi fares.


2. A phone with at least 50% battery

The last thing you need on a night out is losing all your friends and having no way of contacting them. Make sure you have at least 50% charge on your phone before you leave the house to avoid the hassles of trying to find your friends in a busy club. It is also important that your friends are able to contact you and make sure you are safe.


3. Identification

Most clubs will refuse you entry unless you have some form of identification that states your birth date. Make sure your ID is also valid and up to date with all the correct information.


4. Dancing Shoes

It is now socially acceptable to wear flats on a night out, but if you still need to wear those stilettos make sure you pack some party shoes so you can still dance the night away. Scholls Party Feet have a range of products to help protect your feet from blisters, cramps and generally sore feet.


5. A positive attitude

No one likes a party pooper or an angry fighter so make sure you keep everything light. As my wise mum always told me “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all”. Cheers mum! So put  a smile on your dial and, like Kanye, party like its 1999!



Image Credit:, Tumblr, Department of Transport and Main Roads, source and Scholls