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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 5, 2021

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The Flowers: 'You Don't Say!'

The Flowers: ‘You Don’t Say!’
Victoria Jenkins

Indie-pop rising stars The Flowers are all set to release their fourth single ‘You Don’t Say!’ and we caught up with front-woman Agnes O’Dwyer to chat about the track, body image, recording and their plans for the rest of 2020!

Following on from the overwhelming success of their first releases The Flowers deliver a heartbreakingly honest and powerful self-love anthem with ‘You Don’t Say!’ further honing the happy-sad sound the Sydneysiders are fast becoming known for.

The Creative Issue: The Flowers have debuted strongly with your first three singles and ‘You Don’t Say!’ is sure to continue your upward trajectory. How did the band begin?

Agnes O’Dwyer: Thanks so much!! We coincidentally found each other on Triple J Unearthed and bonded over our mutual love for The 1975. We had our first jam in early 2019 and wrote ‘Truly Madly Sleepy’ in one of our first sessions. Been a unit ever since.

TCI: Can you tell us a little about the meaning behind ‘You Don’t Say!’?

AO: ‘You Don’t Say!’ is about struggling with body image, which sucks but is something I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. The verses are essentially me yelling cause I’m kinda mad about how much it has ruined my life. The chorus paints a picture of the good days, when self love seems worth it. I don’t want to make self love sound easy, or make it seem like I’ve got it all figured out, it’s still something I struggle with. The song talks more about taking small steps and promising yourself to try.

TCI: You worked with producer Peter Holz (Peking Duk, Vance Joy) for this track. How did that partnership come about and what was the recording session like?

AO: Our drummer Leighton has worked with Pete in the past on different projects and thought no one would be better for the job! The recording sessions are effortless, Pete is always down to try new ideas and experiment in the studio and we’re lucky to be able to work alongside someone with the notable achievements he has under his belt!

TCI: The track has all your trademarks but feels like it has a little more grit to it than your previous releases, is that an indication of where your style might be heading?

AO: Yeah we definitely went a little punky in this track, mainly to align with the sentiment of the song. Comparing it to the other songs we have in the works, this one is definitely the most gritty. Our style is still very much living in the dreamy pop world but this song has kind of shown us that we aren’t going to limit ourselves to just one sound.



TCI: Speaking of your sound, where do you look for sonic or songwriting inspiration?

AO: We all come from different musical backgrounds; Leighton and Tom were previously in a heavy metal band, Liam studied jazz, Agnes has more of a folky background. Everyone brings something unique to the band and when mixed all together, you can sort of hear these influences. Our sonic inspiration comes from constantly listening to music; new and old, any genre really. Our headphones are on basically all the time and we’re always sharing new artists with each other that we think are doing something special.

TCI: You’ve already caught the eye of Triple J, amassed an impressive number of Spotify streams and packed out your own headline shows. It’s an impressive checklist for such a young band. How does it feel to have achieved so much already?

AO: Thanks so much! It’s extremely motivating that people are vibing with our music in these early stages of The Flowers! Getting that support from Triple J is a dream come true for all four of us, it’s truly unreal. Really excited for what’s to come.

TCI: It’s great to see you powering through these strange times and continuing to release music. What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

AO: A lot more music to come! The only positive thing about iso is that we’ve spent so much time writing new music and we are beyond excited to share it with the world very soon. Our debut EP is expected for the end of the year! We’re playing a show with CLEWS and Egoism and the end of the year in Sydney which we cannot wait for!

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