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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 7, 2021

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The Grate's New Album Is Great!

The Grate’s New Album Is Great!

| On 08, Dec 2014

After taking a three year break from composing their trademark sound, Brisbane’s very own indie rockers The Grates are back with a new album to throw your head and whip your hair around to.

In late October the Brisbane-based (life)partners in crime – now happily married and expecting – announced the inception of their very own record label Death Valley, following word of recording and releasing a brand spanking new album late November. That word spread like wildfire and soon we were all counting down the days until we could embrace the wonderful noise they created once again. Now we can stop counting for the day has come; dream team The Grates are back and better than ever with their comeback album Dream Team and it’s all kinds of great (two puns, one sentence).

Dream Team

Recording their fourth studio effort in whirlwind time, the production of Dream Team was completed in just ten days! Despite the extremely minimal time frame, The Grates have produced an LP that embodies everything there is to love about them entirely not leaving a single element forgotten. With darkly themed [while still] catchy-as-cooties lyrics sung over a gritty guitar, layered on top of a fast-paced beat that you can stomp your feet to, listening to this album is a must. Triple J has been spinning their tracks during the past seven days, Dream Team being the J’s chosen feature album for the previous week, where we were premiered the first taste of their delicious new tunes.

Continuing to exercise their DIY production skills, the pair also released their home job music video for Holiday Home, an evident standout from the 11-track record. The clip presents a fusion of footage filmed during the lead up to their new record of band members Patience Hodgson, John Patterson and new drummer Ritchie Daniels hanging out at home, on the road and enjoying a day out at a local drag way. Watch it here.

The GGGGGGrates

Splicing together a mix of songs ranging between fast head bangers and slowly paced rock ballads, The Grates’ latest release is an indie rock masterpiece that you’ll be spinning on repeat from track numero uno. After giving Dream Team a listen one thing is certain, The Grates are back!

Image credits: The Grates official Facebook.