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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 16, 2021

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The Hungry Workshop

Ratu Lewis

The Hungry Workshop LogoNo, this has nothing to do with food or the Hunger Games. This is about a letterpress that has an extreme case of the munchies.

It all begins when Simon and Jenna Hipgrave discovered a Heidelberg Windmill Platen circa 1970 that was quite malnourished and rusty. They have since rescued and cleaned him up, also making sure he is fed as much paper as possible. But all that paper had to go somewhere right? Right! And thus was born the Hungry Workshop.

Self-described as story tellers, Simon and Jenna take great care in producing engaging ideas with designs that have personality which are uniquely executed on our antique press.  They guarantee that “whatever your story may be, we can tell it.”

Even though they don’t ink the plates manually or feed each sheet by hand, every print run requires constant attention. Each sheet is inspected, with ink and impression adjustment to produce the unique tactile finish of letterpress.

They print both their own projects that are designed in house and projects for other creative people such as studios and agencies. And they are passionate for the craft of letterpress. This combined with their expertise and love of design, typography and illustration ensures that every project is infused with heart and soul.

Click here to watch Simon and Jenna do their thing on their hungry Heidelberg Windmall.

neon patterned aerograms

The Hungey Workshop’s designs and products are very witty and fresh. Our favourite is their Aerogram addition to their letterpress. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what an aerogram is (and why would you since most of you weren’t around in the 40’s) it is a letter nd envelope in one. So all you need to do is write your letter, insert the tabs, stick on a stamp and post it! Plus we’re crazy about those neon Native American prints they feature.

The Hungry Workshop is situated in Northcote, Melbourne. But not too worry thanks to the internet you can purchase their lovely designs and products online. stationary range.

Visit their website to look at the work and photos of their exhibitions at;

They are also always looking to expand their letterpress family so if you know of one they can get their hands on feel free to give them a shout.

All we have to say now is that – we’re HUNGRY for the Hungry Workshop!!