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The Jetty Oxford

The Jetty Oxford

| On 10, May 2014

It can be hard finding the middle ground of restaurants. That golden spot between restaurants that are cheap with ingredients from who knows where and who knows how old and restaurants on the other end of the scale where you have to pay an extra $30 for heirloom tomatoes. I mean, sure the tomatoes are lovely, but I am a student.

Aint nobody got money for dat.

So when you can find a restaurant that’s within your budget and is still relatively fancy and worthy of extra mascara you know it’s a keeper and worth returning to.

The Jetty Oxford is one such restaurant. The Jetty is my staple go-to restaurant for a delicious, affordable meal in dim lighting with cute European waiters and an enticing cocktail menu to boot. Perched on the end of Oxford St, Bulimba with the river idly lapping away at the banks, The Jetty is perfectly picturesque at any hour of the day.

Whilst the food isn’t creating new and unseen taste sensations, they are classics that are done well and cover a variety of cuisines leaving every diner satisfied.

This past Friday I enjoyed tempura flathead with a salad of baby cos hearts, crumbled egg, white anchovies and Parmesan dressing and sea salt chips. Don’t tell my mum but their fish is better than hers. And the chips are delightfully endless.

The tempura flathead and chips were perfectly cooked and thoroughly enjoyed

The tempura flathead and chips were perfectly cooked and thoroughly enjoyed

And true to form, I ordered their calamari, a dish I infuriate my friends with by constantly ordering. This calamari, however, received no complaints. It was delicious with tentacles popping out of everywhere that melted deliciously away in my mouth. Mmm calamari. Love of my life. You are always so scrumptious.

With my girlfriend almost crying over how delicious her steak was and the view across the river to Teneriffe being as beautiful as ever, I’m sure we will be returning soon for further sampling of their menu.


The details

What: The Jetty Oxford

Where: 1b Oxford St, Bulimba

When: Weds – Sun 7am – 10pm, Mon 7am – 4pm, Closed Tuesday’s

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The Jetty is my go-to for a delicious, affordable meal in a charming atmosphere.