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The MAN Expo

The MAN Expo

| On 27, Sep 2013

Apparently, for a man to achieve total and pure bliss he must have a place where he feels comfortable, ie. a ‘man-cave.’

A place where he can think on the complexities of his own existence, contemplate how best to tap into his limitless potential and, of course, watch sport and drink beer.

Finally there is a place where your man can gather with other men, to draw inspiration and further the construction of their individual ‘man-caves’ – the MAN Expo.

On the 19 and 20 of October men from all walks of life will flock to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre for this MAN Expo.

At the Expo there will be opportunities for blokes to witness and use some of the finest man-products the world has to offer.

Exhibitors will include, Red Bull, Carlton United Breweries and the Brisbane Heat, as well as countless other top organisations offering products and services specifically designed to make being a man better than ever!

The Brisbane Heat (a cricket team – believe me I had no idea what this term meant before I was asked to write this article, so maybe you don’t either) couldn’t resist the chance to be part of this years MAN Expo.

Image from Men at Work Comms

Image from Men at Work Comms

According to Ben Schluter from Cricket Queensland, the Brisbane Heat share a lot of the same interests as your common man, “we love sport and we love action – so being involved with the MAN Expo was a no brainer.”

Nicholas Cooper is the founder of, The MAN Expo and did so because, “it gives guys a sanctuary of awesomeness where they can come and experience the best man brands, buy a few treats for their own man-cave, and then kick back with a beer and watch some cracking entertainment!”

The Expo promises to cater for men of all tastes, so I’m sure the men in your life would be interested in hearing about it.

Maybe you could tag along and learn about this magical ‘man-cave’ or maybe you could do something for yourself while they are away, like get a pedicure.

I know what I’d being doing, but each to their own!

The Details

What: The Man Expo

Where: The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

When: 19 and 20 October




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