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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 8, 2021

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The Midsummer Carnival Has Come to Town

The Midsummer Carnival Has Come to Town
Madi Paulsen

Ladies and gentlemen, the Midsummer Carnival has officially arrived, bringing with it an electric and enthralling atmosphere.

Brisbane Immersive Ensemble is back with a brand new show, The Midsummer Carnival, and has spared no detail in their quest to bring this new world to life. Based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this immersive theatrical performance is engaging and stimulating from start to finish. It incorporates the classic Shakespearean prose into a modern script with a carnival as its setting.

After being led into the Brisbane Powerhouse’s Stores Building, the cast leave you to your own devices to explore the different spaces. The audience members are no longer passive observers, they become part of the story as the cast walk among them. As the night moves along, the theatre unfolds around you. One minute you are watching a dangerously fascinating sword swallowing act, and the next you hear Hermia and Lysander arguing in the corridor behind you.

The cast do an exemplary job embodying their respective characters and transitioning from scene to scene without skipping a beat. There is never a dull moment; something is going on at every point in time and yet it all works so cohesively.

It is almost as if you are tasked with investigating the story yourself; a choose-your-own-adventure, if you will. The cast are literally within arm’s reach and you are given the freedom to follow certain character’s individual journeys through the story if you so choose. It was refreshing to have the barriers between audience and actor broken down so blatantly and it made for an enjoyable night that you could tailor to suit your own interests.

If you want to experience all the wonder of a carnival while watching a classic tale unfold, The Midsummer Carnival is a night not to miss.

The Midsummer Carnival
Where: The Stores Building, Brisbane Powerhouse
When: 24 January to 8 February
Cost: $55

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