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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 12, 2020

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The Phoncurves release 'Heartstrings' EP

The Phoncurves release ‘Heartstrings’ EP

| On 05, May 2014

Brisbane duo The Phoncurves have a sweet, multi-genre sound that proves easy listening on their ‘Heartstrings’ EP.

Since becoming friends whilst studying music at university, Abbie Roberts and Naomi Burrell have been polishing their brand of folky, soulful pop, currently culminating in the release of their second EP titled ‘Heartstrings’ on the 2nd of May.

“When we were in our last year of uni we both wanted to be in a band but couldn’t find anyone, until it clicked that we should play together. It’s been awesome since then,” Naomi explained.

Though their first self-titled EP was in a similar vein, ‘Heartstrings’ is undeniably more polished, with Naomi accrediting this to a difference in the early forming stages.

“The first EP we were still finding our feet, it was more like we’d write a song, then we’d go in and start tracking drums- but this EP we really wanted to experiment with vocals.

“[For ‘Heartstrings’] we would write ideas and then we’d go to the studio and finish them off. We started layering the tracks from vocals.”

Abbie and Naomi's friendship is audible

Abbie and Naomi’s friendship is audible

It’s clear that The Phoncurves aren’t just bandmates; they’re great friends- which rings true in their sound and, as Naomi explained, streamlines the songwriting process.

“I guess because we’ve been good friends for a while it just sort of came together naturally, so we I think that helps with blending.

“ In terms of writing it’s just sort of what comes out. It’s pretty funny because Abbie and I will sometimes write together, but sometimes separately, and usually we find that we’re on the same page, which is pretty amazing”.

In the studio as well, the girls take ownership for their sound, being completely involved at the production level.

“We recorded ourselves at the Gold Coast, in a studio there. It was really fun being able to do it ourselves because we had so much creative freedom.

“Most of the instruments on the EP we tracked ourselves, and we have a few friends playing bass and drums, so that’s been great.”

For live shows as well, The Phoncurves have a proven confidence and versatility, with their sound changing depending on the live situation.

“Sometimes we play with a drummer and a bassist, but other times we play just us two. We have a sampler which we sample all of our harmonies from, and drum beats and other instruments as well.”

Recently The Phoncurves supported Sydney-based Caitlin Park (whose album shares a release date with ‘Heartstrings’ on her Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne single release tour.

“We played the Toff in Town in Melbourne, and in Sydney we played Brighton Up Bar; it was a full room. It was good to be on tour and to hear her sets every night was great”.

In terms of musical inspiration, Naomi lists Laura Mvula (UK) and Melbourne’s Chela among the sources that were drawn upon for the creation of ‘Heartstrings’.

Following the release of the ‘Heartstrings’ EP on the 2nd of May, The Phoncurves will embark on a six-date tour from Brisbane to Adelaide.

“We’ve done a few tours and we’ve just recently toured with Caitlin, so we’re excited for our first big EP tour. [Local trio] Avaberee is playing with us in Brisbane and they’re great.”

In regards to the future, The Phoncurves are happy to take things as they come.

“We’re going to keep writing, and if an album comes it does- but we’ll see how we go. We’ll keep putting out more singles and making music.”

The ‘Heartstrings’ EP tour plays The Zoo on Saturday, 24th of May.

Image: The Phoncurves