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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | April 20, 2021

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The Scrapbook Sketches

The Scrapbook Sketches
Matilda Butler

I may not be the world’s greatest artist, but in my free time, I don’t mind “doodling” (as they put it) in my sketchbook.

Sketch of girl on top of acrylic paint.

Matilda Butler 2012

Usually by the end of the sketch I’m annoyed about something I screwed up and I throw a mental tantrum. However, as I’ve looked back at my sketches over the years, I began to see the merit in a few and decided to make the most of them.

What you see to the left, is half an accident and half a drawing I copied from a photo I loved. I’ll give you the back-story. The background is the direct result of being a rookie painter without a painting pallet. I had at least ten of these in one particular scrapbook of mine. I was drawn in by colours. The only problem was, there was one section in the centre of the “painting” and it completely ruined the whole thing. So I got to wondering how I could cover it up. I couldn’t be bothered getting the paint out, so I flipped a few pages over and found a half finished, half ruined drawing. I glued it on and ta-da! I also couldn’t be bothered getting out my scissors, but I think the lazy approach has benefited this accidental artwork.

So why am I sharing my accidental artwork with you? Not necessarily because I’m super proud of my lazy art skills, but to let you know that there’s a world of possibilities. For any creative person, a mental tantrum is a common thing. Ruining something one day and realising new possibilities the next, is what we’ve got to embrace. I recommend having a look through some of your old work and at the very least, noting its merit. In other words, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s not all that bad!