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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | April 7, 2020

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The Size and Shape Inclusive Label You Need To Know About

The Size and Shape Inclusive Label You Need To Know About
Emily Gugenberger

If you have ever been fed up with clothing that doesn’t fit your body proportions then this size inclusive label is just want you’ve been looking for!

Alisha Yates is the young Gold Coast designer who is taking the fashion industry by storm with her label ‘Alisha MARAKI’. After being tired of having to purchase size 16 shirts as a size 10-12 woman, Yates began to design a range of fashionable garments for fuller busted women that are not necessarily plus sized.

Not only is Yates’ label inclusive of all body types, but her unique and beautiful garments led the designer to be chosen to officially launch her first collection at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival. Speaking about the occasion Yates says she has, “always dreamt of being a part of the prestigious Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival” since she was a young girl.

This event was then the perfect platform for Yates to launch her La Devotee collection, which features design inspiration from song lyrics that evoke nostalgia and rile up future fantasises. This is a collection for the dreamers and the doers, with Yates musing, “I am bored with ‘safe’ evening wear, and I think women are looking for more drama…Alisha MARAKI is for women who have a powerful sense of style”.

What’s more is that Yates’ collection has been thoughtfully crafted to be flattering on figures from size 8AU to 18AU, as well as including a complementary size line of B8 to B18 which has extra room to allow for DD-G cups. “There is not really a great deal of options for large busted women” says Yates, who wants to be part of the solution, allowing women with all body proportions and ratios to access fashion-forward clothing.

In reality, the average woman is a size 14 dress with a DD bust, which Yates says, “means the AVERAGE woman is overlooked and absolutely not catered for in most design wear”. With this said, many women are struggling to find clothing that fits their figure and makes them feel special. Yates reflects on this dilemma, telling us that “I have struggled my whole life to find pieces that fit my size 12 dress and G cup bust”.


As a result, being size and shape inclusive is incredibly important to Yates who designs sampling for her label using her own size 12-14 figure, and then sizing her garments up or down from there. This process creates a flattering silhouette and designs that consider concealing bra straps and backs, and hem lengths that work for short and tall women. First and foremost, Yates says her designs are, “inspired by the female form – fabrics, colour and embellishments are secondary”.

So what are Yates’ future plans for Alisha MARAKI? Yates shares that she plans to slowly expand her size offering by one size per year, with the aim to include size 20 and B20 by next year. With this exciting news in mind, Alisha MARAKI is definitely one to watch, as Yates continues to introduce a unique design aesthetic that will look amazing on all body types, not just sample size.


Instagram: @alisha.maraki
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