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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 1, 2021

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The Streak, a short film about backyard cricket

The Streak, a short film about backyard cricket
Kristina Chapman
  • On August 7, 2013
Designing the cricket bat

Designing the cricket bat

The Streak
is an upcoming Queensland short film currently in pre-production.

In the words of scriptwriter, Daniel Pollard, The Streak is an “unashamedly Australian” story with universal themes.

“The Streak centres around a backyard cricket game because that’s what Aussies play,” he said.

“But it could easily be a game of basketball or football or anything else where people come together and try to get the better of each other.

“It’s about family – in all its messy, petty, ridiculous glory.”

Director Michael Gillett

Director Michael Gillett agrees.

“The film for me is about all the different relationships with the extended family, and the ways they all get tangled when everyone comes together in one place,” he said.

In regards to filming style, Michael explained that is it important to him that the style is very realistic and true to his own experience, because the film is very familiar to anyone who has grown up in suburban Australia.

“That being said, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve for stylising specific moments, but I don’t want to give too much away just yet,” he said.

Originally pitched and picked as a QPIX slate project, The Streak is has now resorted to more creative ways to fund their short film, due to QPIX funding cuts.

Producer Vanessa Rose explained their disappointment when QPIX announced there was no funding this year.

“It was a set-back, yet there was not a single moment where we considered not following the project through,” she said.

“Crowd funding is our primary source of funding and we are humbled by every single donation that we receive.

“We will also be opening an eBay account very soon and are looking for sponsors to help us out in the form of donated goods that we can sell to raise funds.”

The cricket bat

The cricket bat

Through their crowd funding campaign, they offer a lot of prizes for pledging such as; copies of The Streak DVD, a signed cricket bat from all crew members, your name in the credits and even the option to be an extra in the film where you also get a stills portrait (in character) taken by the professional set photographer!

The Streak is due to be released in November 2013.


What: The Streak, a short film

Director: Michael Gillett

Producer: Vanessa Rose

Writer: Daniel Pollard

Est. Release Date: November 2013